Pleme Pty Ltd Launches Croatian Citizenship App, CitizenHR, to Speed Up the Process

Croatian citizenship is faster and easier to achieve than ever before with the launch of citizenship app, CitizenHR by Pleme Pty Ltd. With a novel new way to navigate the process, the company hopes to grow the number of Croatian citizens.

CitizenHR by Pleme Pty Ltd founders designed the app to help prospective Croatian citizens find clear guidelines on the various paths of citizenship available to pursue. The app is free to use and teaches users which documents they must collect before visiting the consulate so that they may be prepared for their appointment. 

The app also provides a list of experts for users, including translators, lawyers, and other qualified authorities, to help them file for and receive citizenship documentation faster and for a lower price. 

“CitizenHR is a Croatian citizenship calculator app designed to help Croatian Diaspora,” Pleme Founder Nik Kraljevic said. “And those with a special interest or affiliation to Croatia to be better prepared and educated for the Croatian citizenship process, which ultimately results in a faster citizenship process.”

Making Croatian citizenship simple

Developed by Pleme, CitizenHR is geared toward Diaspora Croats and people of Croatian descent. The app also serves as a valuable resource for non-Croats, and a wellspring of information to help the growing community of global digital nomads receive visas. 

“CitizenHR features a pleasant user interface that allows an applicant to complete a workflow and be ready for Citizenship in under ten minutes,” Kraljevic said. 

The CitizenHR application is available in multiple languages. Users can access citizenship services in English, Croatian, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and French. 

The process is simple — users merely sign up with CitizenHR, answer the initial questionnaire, and proceed with one of the available options. 


Pleme Pty Ltd makes the path to Croatian citizenship fast, easy, and cheaper than other options. To learn more about CitizenHR or to start the path to becoming a Croatian citizen, visit the website or get the app from the iOS or Google Play app stores.  

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