Why are the baby blankets so popular?

Swaddling is an old tradition of wrapping your baby in a blanket, it can keep your baby from the startling reflex and increase the felling of tightness and security as they were in the womb, thus leads to longer and better sleep. This make swaddle blanket one of the must-have baby essentials to any new mother.—Soft and Stretchy: Our baby swaddles are made from 30% muslin and 70% bamboo fiber, this combination doubles the softness, while offers a stretching so you can swaddle your baby without immobilizing him, keep him snug comfortably like the cozy and comfy feeling in the womb.—Lightweight and Breathable: Fine and smooth open woven gives our swaddle baby blankets super lightweight and excellent breathability so that moisture can escape and further regulate baby’s body temperature, making it perfect to use all the year round.—Best shower gifts ever!- Our swaddle blanket is durable and can withstand many washes without being wrinkle and remains soft and silky as new. With different prints make it an ideal baby shower gift!—Multi-use: The baby blanket can also be used as a play mat, a changing mat, a burp cloth, a baby towel, a nursing cover, a picnic blanket or even cut it into small pieces to use it as reusable wipes, get all in just one purchase.

Gone are the days of plain-jane maternity life. These swaddles are perfect for the mom who is enjoying motherhood and isn’t afraid to flaunt her fashionable prowess. The best part is that these adorable baby blankets aren’t just for keeping your little one’s feet warm. We’ve found other mom’s love using them as:a nursing covera burp clothcar seat and stroller coverand security blankets as their child enters toddlerhood

Every child is unique and yours is no different. The greatest love any mother can bestow on her child is to give them the best chance to be whoever they want to be. Each of us have the ability to chase our dreams and love others along the way. Wrap your baby let their dreams florish with all of the love in your heart.

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