Experienced Gastroenterologist Dr. Akram Ismail Returns To Egypt To Advance Gastroenterology

Licensed, award-winning gastroenterologist, Dr. Akram Ismail, makes a return home, after massive success in the United States to help advance gastroenterology in his country Egypt

It is arguably one of the best forms of homecoming in recent times as Dr. Akram Ismail, a Florida-based gastroenterology specialist with over four decades of practice in the medical field, recently returned to Egypt to give back to the community after achieving massive feats in the United States as a doctor.

The global gastrointestinal solutions market size is expected to grow from $46.68 billion in 2020 to $62.19 billion in 2025, according to a report published by Research and Markets, one of the leading market research companies. Several factors, including increasing demand and the emergence of manufacturers and brands across the globe, have been identified as major market drivers. Africa remains a major market for gastrointestinal solutions. However, a good number of families still struggle to access quality products and services, a phenomenon that Dr. Akram Ismail, MD is looking to correct as he brings his expertise back to the continent, starting from his country, Egypt.

Prior to making the decision to bring his wealth of knowledge to Egypt as part of the move to advance gastroenterology in the country, Dr. Akram enjoyed amazing success in the United States, with his compassion and empathy making him a favorite among his patients. He graduated from AIN SHAMS University/faculty of medicine in 1981 and subsequently practiced as a gastroenterologist in Leesburg, FL.

Dr. Akram treated different types of digestive issues, including irregularity or inflammatory bowel disease, with his works earning him recognition from bodies as well as fantastic reviews from his patients. He was able to stand out in the medical field by cooperating with several doctors and specialists in the medical group Tri County Professional Management Inc. without necessarily affiliating with any hospital. He also helped grow the field of gastroenterology in different capacities, serving as President and Senior Associate of Professional Gastroenterology & Surgery Associates in Leesburg, Florida.

Dr. Akram Ismail, MD has several certificates and recognitions from different bodies in the medical field, including the Florida Medical Association, the State Board of Medical Examiners of New Jersey, the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, and the American Board of Internal Medicine. He was also certified as a resident in pediatrics, internal medicine, and digestive diseases and will be bringing all these to develop gastroenterology in Egypt.

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