For the first time in India, a startup has been granted a technology patent on a solar hybrid system

A patent for the same was granted to Su-vastika Solar.

Recently India based start-up company Su-vastika Solar has been granted the patent for “An Improved Solar Grid Hybrid Subsystem with IOT Based Power Backup System.” The patent number granted by the Government of India is 408390.

Why is this patent important? 

This particular patent is very crucial for India, as it has the grid feed as well as off-grid features which can be controlled through the IoT. This technology is going to be a big boon for countries like India, where power is not available 24/7. 

If we take the example of India, there are still several places where the power cut is taking place on a regular basis. When this happens, the grid feeding the inverter system becomes useless. But if we think about it, Solar power is still there, ready to be harvested. 

This unique system developed by Su-vastika charges the batteries using solar power and then uses the stored power during the power cut, working as an ordinary inverter/UPS. The technology that makes it possible has a proprietary algorithm for making Isolation based normal Inverters/UPS, grid feed inverters, and off-grid inverters/UPS, so one product can be used in all three conditions. 

In addition, DC power can also be extracted through the charge controller and used to charge the battery directly through the Solar and the main using the same system that can feed the power into the grid. This optimizes solar energy usage.

The role of IoT.

The IoT feature plays a major role in this whole system developed by Su-vastika, as several combinations of IoTs are possible that simply cannot be achieved by adding just displays and switches. With this unique IoT-based system, two-way communication is possible, which makes controlling the system through a dedicated app possible, making it one of the first power storage systems to be controlled using a mobile phone.

The flexibility of the Mobile app 

Using the dedicated mobile app, a user can now decide when to charge the battery or feed power into the grid and control how much sharing is required for charging and feeding into the grid. They can also switch on a regular inverter/UPS by making use of the settings available in the app, making the user the real king, and putting all the data stored on the cloud server on the tips of their hands. A user can also monitor how much power is generated through the solar panels, feed the tariff, and see the savings in real-time. If the solar panels are not giving the output, an alarm will go off. An alarm can also be set up if they need cleaning, as the system continuously monitors all parameters in real-time through the IoT.  Similarly, alerts can be set up for other parameters based on analyzing any power condition in any area.

About Su-vastika Systems Pvt Ltd

Su-vastika is a rapidly expanding startup that develops resilient energy storage technology for a more sustainable future. With an outstanding team of professionals from numerous fields, led by Khushboo Sachdev, the company aspires to disrupt and alter the solar energy and backup environment. As power storage and power generation company, they create products that help solve power storage issues. The company’s products include a solar inverter that can handle off-grid and on-grid solar energy. In addition, they provide three-phase heavy-duty inverter/ups systems, single-phase high-capacity inverter/ups systems, hybrid off-grid Solar Inverter/UPS, PCU storage solutions, solar panels, online UPS, and residential UPS. The company’s solar power storage solutions can now fulfill the energy requirements of households, businesses, and even larger organizations. They have a strong presence in international regions such as Africa, the Middle East, and South-East Asia. To capture worldwide markets, their objective is to create more advanced technologies and make progressive adaptations. Su-vastika has developed an EV charger for cars. The technology has been developed by Su-vastika with isolated transformers. 


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