Meet Dajae Brown, Miss Teen Georgia US Nation 2022

Dajae is the reigning Miss Teen Georgia US Nation titleholder. Dajae began her journey with the Miss US Nation Pageant after attending a casting call in Atlanta. The teen model was offered the opportunity to compete for the state crown and was excited to move forward with the opportunity. Dajae’s confidence and stage presence impressed the judges and she took home the state crown. Dajae is a new model who has been in the industry for only 5 months, in her short amount of time – she has had the opportunity to walk for Super Chic Miami Swim Week, Super Chic Atlanta Fashion Week, won a state pageantry title and is now on her way to the national pageant. Miss US Nation is a modeling pageant that offers aspiring models Fashion Week opportunities and she will be featured in other runways as well towards the end of 2022, the beginning of 2023.

As Miss Teen Georgia US Nation 2022, Dajae plans to be a versatile model and to inspire other young girls as well to try the fashion industry.

Dajae believes that the modeling industry is about experiencing new opportunities, expressing yourself and learning how to be more comfortable in your own skin. She has been a student aide in her school for the past 2 years, “I help students gain confidence by guiding them through challenges they come across academically.” Says Dajae.

Being an aspiring model, Dajae looks forward to participating in runways and expanding her work with well known brands. The model and beauty queen hopes to break the stereotype in the industry that you always need to be “perfect” or fit a certain beauty standard in order to be successful. In 5 years from now, Dajae sees herself finishing college, owning a house and car. In addition, she strives to have two careers – one involving healthcare and the other in modeling.

When she’s not in front of the camera or strutting the runway, she enjoys cooking and considers herself an independent person with an exciting personality. Be sure to stay up to date with Dajae, follow her on Instagram @dajaeeeee. Photo credits: Frank Rivers (Instagram @frankphoto30), John Heyward (Instagram @skyislandphoto), Dae Rae Media Group (Instagram @daeraemediagroup).

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