UNIDOGE Finance, an Amazing Ecosystem Built on DogeChain

UNIDOGE Finance, an Amazing Ecosystem Built on DogeChain
UNIDOGE Finance aims to be the best ecosystem on DogeChain. The all-in-one DeFi solution provides an array of services, which includes Swap Trading, Staking, Yield Farming, Lottery, Prediction, NFT Market place, Games, Utility card and serves as a launch platform for new and exciting projects.

Remember the coin meme craze in 2019? At that time, Dogecoin created a wave for the entire market which led to a new trend which is the meme trend. However, Dogecoin still does not have any utility except trading, but the leading meme coin could be gaining a lot more utility with the launch of DogeChain. Decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms achieved tremendous growth in 2020, propelling the sector to the forefront of blockchain and financial technology. That is exactly what Unidoge Finance is trying to bring to the newly formed ecosystem!

What is Unidoge Finance

An amazing ecosystem built on Dogechain: Brand new project Unidoge Finance aims to be the most advanced and versatileDecentralized Finance (DeFi) platform on the recently formedDogeChain! The All-in-One DeFi solution provides many features and services such as UnidogeSwap, Staking, Farming, Lottery, Prediction, NFT Marketplace, Games, and serves as a Launchpadfor future exciting projects. Dogechain has taken the crypto community by storm and is growing at rapid rate. It sure will be as big as Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum in 2 years’ time. DogeChain already has 22.88 Million TVL locked, with 6.6 million transactions, 47 Million Market cap and listed on 30+ Exchanges.

Solving current DEX Problems

The main objective is to create a broader range of network effects to address the issues of liquidity in the DogeChain space. Instead of limiting yourself to a single solution like many DEXs are doing now. It addresses the very issues that current existing DogeChain DEXs have: Slow transactions, frequent bugs, lack of support, no multifunctional features, and no user-friendly community.

The Power of the Unidoge Token

Participants on Unidoge Finance can use the Unidoge Token in various ways. Besides the main Utility of store of value, hold and swap, you can take part in Governance decision of the Unidoge Finance ecosystem via voting on new proposals such as Pools, Promotions, Launchpad Projects and many more!

You can put your Unidoge Tokens to work with Staking, Farming, Lottery, Price Prediction and be eligible to join future IDOs. UNIDO will be available in Presale and Private Sale.

We will always need Exchanges

If you have missed out on PancakeSwap, 1Inch or Uniswap Tokens, then here is your chance to invest in the next bigDEX. With its amazing features and endless possibilities, Unidoge Finance is set to a path to the moon. In previous bear markets, many tokens have fallen nearly 90% and only Exchange Tokens from DEXs & CEXs have held its value consistently and performed exceptionally well. The main reason is because of its utility in exchange ecosystem and the crypto community will need to use the exchange regularly, be it bear or bull market leading to raise in price of the token. Join our Telegram and Twitter.

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Telegram ~ https://t.me/UniDogeFinanceOfficial

Announcement Channel ~ https://t.me/UniDogeFinanceAnnouncement

Website ~ unidoge.finance

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