The Top Subconscious Transformation Expert & Spiritual Ascension Guide Helping Empaths, Change Makers & Spiritual Entrepreneurs to Master their Mindset and Achieve Freedom and Success

Eda Hardy is helping empaths, change makers, and spiritual entrepreneurs to master their human experience, mind and energy so that they can ascend to a higher consciousness without any internal limitations and achieve their soul-aligned purpose.

Eda Hardy of Master Your Future is a Subconscious Transformation Expert and a Spiritual Ascension Guide helping people to master their inner world to make them achieve anything they want in their lives.

Her customized transformational programs and training promise to take her clients out of a stuck place and help them lead meaningful, successful and happy lives without any inner limitations. In Eda’s own words, “I guide Empaths, Change Makers and Spiritual Female Entrepreneurs into higher 5D consciousness. I enable them to get past their subconscious, conscious and energy blocks. As a result, they gain the confidence, determination and elevated energy frequency needed to achieve their soul purpose and easily scale up to 10K + months.”

Unlike other experts who are primarily concerned with dealing with surface-level symptoms without going to the root, as a Subconscious Transformation Expert, Eda goes much deeper to the heart of each problem. Her methods ensure that the real cause of the problem is permanently removed so her clients can build a well-meaning life and successful business on their own terms. It also helps that Eda brings a wealth of experience garnered over several decades. As a coach, she specializes in the combination of Epigenetics, Neuroscience, Nero Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping (EFT), Energy Healing (Reiki), Past Life Regression Therapy, Between Life Regression Therapy, Kinesiology, Spiritual Ascension and Personal Growth. 

People who have worked with Eda love their transformation so much that they mention working with Eda has been the best investment and decision of their lives. As one client puts it, “Embarking on this journey was by far the best decision of my life. Working with Eda is the best decision I have ever made, with no regrets, only positive changes in my life, and I hope to continue working with her.” 

What’s more, Eda is offering her Spiritual Self-Mastery Club membership to those who are going through their spiritual awakening and looking for answers and on-going support. This membership is created for those eager to supercharge their spiritual connection, deepen into their soul’s mission, and fulfil their true destiny so they can find real meaning and purpose in their life. 

For those who want to become familiar with Eda’s work, they can also get her special affirmation pack to upgrade their mindset and raise their vibration. 

As a two times International Best-selling Author and an avid reader, her clients, students and members always ask her for recommendations. Anyone can get her Top 100 Ultimate Self-Help Books Guide here.

Eda is also a master trainer of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping), and she mentions that this is the best tool that sets us free from our emotional blockages, and every empath should use it.

Please visit Eda’s website or follow her on Instagram and Facebook to learn more. Eda passionately works to help entrepreneurs succeed through her 1:1 and group work as well as within her Facebook Community. 

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