Launching Marie Rundquist’s book, “Dance of Life: Ancient Peoples, the Animals, and Us”

New Dance of Life book explores ancient peoples, a new way to visualize ancestry, the lives of twenty-nine animals, and the magical way we relate.

Six years in the making, Marie Rundquist launches her new book, Dance of Life: Ancient Peoples, the Animals, and Us. In her new book, the author continues a journey of discovery that served as the basis of her two previous works, Cajun by Any Other Name (2012) and Revisiting Anne Marie (2012), and there is even an animated video that brings results to life!

Readers with an interest in DNA, history, genealogy, people and cultures, the lives of animals, STEM fields, and ancient DNA will find this book, and the accompanying video, exciting, entertaining, informative, and provocative.

Rundquist discusses the wealth of tools available to understand how individuals with similar DNA interact in fresh and inventive ways. Readers may identify with animals and allow their old viewpoints to give way to new ones. Rundquist invites readers to “take a deep breath” and find out how everyone contributes to the elegantly choreographed DANCE OF LIFE.

Rundquist delves deeply into animal science and shares with readers the distinctive qualities, traits, and behaviors that make the twenty-nine “animal ambassadors” featured in the book so relatable and delightful. She also reveals how various cultures have viewed the role of animals throughout history.

Kathy M., USA, thanks the author of this book as she says, “Thank you so much, Marie! I just finished reading the book and watching the video. They are both magnificent!”

Mrs. A., USA shares her feedback about this book, “Dear Marie, my copy arrived in the mail yesterday, and I have read through it once already! Wow! I loved the descriptions of the animals – birds, “four-leggeds,” fish, and spider especially. Thanks, from my heart for your creativity, persistence, and scholarship!”

Visit to buy the book, read it, and then watch the video to see the magic. To avoid missing out on any future updates, follow Marie Rundquist’s Travel by Ancestry blog.

About DNA Genealogy History

DNA Genealogy History, LLC aims to help people explore family ancestry by comparing and analyzing Y chromosome, mitochondrial, and autosomal DNA test results, along with traditional genealogies and historical contexts, to reveal hidden family histories. Rundquist’s works include published books that bring together the results of her research, white papers, presentations, and collaborative blogs and articles.

The author graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Maryland at College Park and is the owner of DNA Genealogy History, LLC. In this present capacity, Rundquist draws upon her extensive expertise in the field as a DNA project manager, her work with others as a collaborative research community facilitator, specialized training and education, and experience as an information systems and technology consultant.

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