Ayo Jeremiah, Success Coach, Investor, and Marketing Expert Not Bothered by Online Troll

Dealing with social media trolls can be a big pain. Trolls may be the bane of the internet, but they shouldn’t ruin anyone’s day. Ayo Jeremiah has had his fair share of false reports and misleading information that has circulated on social media over the past months. A recent occurrence happened on the Instagram platform when a disagreement between Ayo Jeremiah and a user led to the individual creating fake profiles and posting damaging comments about Ayo. We sat down with Ayo Jeremiah himself for a quick Q&A on his approach to dealing with the nonsense and headache that comes with online trolling.

Q: Hi Ayo, thank you for joining us today. In your own words, please describe some of the ordeals of you have been going through and how it started.

Ayo: Thanks for having me, I appreciate your efforts in highlighting this topic. However, the reality is that this narrative of bullying, online trolling, slandering, defamation, etc will never change as long as the internet exists. We see celebrities get slandered every day like Will Smith, The Obamas, politicians, athletes, and much more. It has been like that since the beginning of time, and such will always be the case. As a businessman, I have had clients leave negative and damaging reviews because things did not go their way. I have seen instances where relationships turn sour especially when money is involved.

A recent situation involved a young lady that reached out to me for coaching, business ideas, credit help etc… She was visiting Mexico and reached out so I decided to invite her to stay at one of my AirBnB’s properties in Cancun. Apparently, she assumed that since I invited her, the STAY WOULD BE FREE. I insisted she pay for her stay and charged her for the entire duration, but she started demanding a FULL REFUND. After denying her request for months, she spitefully created fake social media profiles to post damaging comments about my personal life, business, and family. Apparently, she had also been stalking my wife, friends, and family online telling them I owed her money. I advised all of them to ignore her, but it just fueled her evil soul. The hate and slander grew even bigger as she started claiming I had intimate encounters with transgendered adult workers in Mexico. To this day, I choose to ignore it and just laugh at it.

Another story is regarding a previous client who pastors a church in Houston. My company provided digital marketing services for his church and business for a decade. Things turned sour and we opted to part ways, but he spitefully started leaving nasty comments about my business on Google and decided to go through arbitration with the Better Business Bureau of Houston. BBB Houston eventually dropped the case and I decided to not sue for defamation. I just laugh and focus on the journey ahead to continue thriving in my personal life and business. I believe it all boils down to having tenacious willpower. Trolls thrive on interactions, so if you ignore them, their energy burns out. Reminds me of this saying: “Silence is the best answer for a fool.”

Q: How do you hear about the hate and what is your first impression when it’s brought to your attention?

Ayo: Sometimes I will see a comment or DM from the troll or fake account. Other times, a friend, business partner or relative will call me asap. As far as how I feel, I am immune to it at this point in my life. Most people know that I migrated to the USA at a young age and had a thick Nigerian/British accent. I was bullied a lot growing up in the USA and learned to eventually fight back. So, the way I fight back now is just to keep on moving and rise above the dirt. There are also times when it’s so humorous to me that I even repost it on my page and have a good laugh about the ordeal.

Q: Does the trolling affect your business and personal life?

Ayo: Personal life is not affected anymore because we have learned certain tricks and tips over time to deal with the nonsense as they arise. Thankfully, my businesses have not really been affected. We make such an exponential impact online, globally, and in the community that it overshadows the negativity. My family has also learned to be immune to it. One thing I stopped doing though is Cash App giveaways online. On my Instagram page @ayojeremiahofficial, I used to give cash to random followers as a cash giveaway. I once gave a couple an all-inclusive trip to Las Vegas on Twitter. Even though I had good intentions, it eventually blew back in my face when the people that did not win felt slighted or started asking for handouts which I declined. I now have a team that manages my entire brand online, and businesses. We have also improved communications with clients and followers to ensure increased transparency in everything we do.

Q: What would you tell others that are having negative social media experiences?

Ayo: Social Media is not real life! I repeat IT IS NOT REAL LIFE! Don’t let a fool steal your joy and your peace. Trolls are usually miserably people that crave attention online, so please don’t give it to them. Ignore what they say no matter how damaging it is.

Q: Thanks for joining us again Ayo Jeremiah. We wish you the best as you continue to be a trailblazer in marketing, success and investing. How can folks learn about your new projects?

Ayo: Absolutely my pleasure. Real estate investing has been taking a lot of my time and focus lately. I can say that it’s becoming a positive addiction. I joke a lot that when God made man, He gave them PROPERTY, not bitcoin or stocks.

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