Inventors, Abbas Mirza & Anzar Hasan Have Filed A Patent With The USPTO For Mobile Retinal Multi-Disease Diagnosis System

This Invention can help revolutionize the healthcare industry while aiding people looking to keep their health in check.

Medinet RPM, a Dallas-based startup dedicated to improving remote healthcare, has filed a patent application with USPTO for Mobile Retinal Multi-Disease Diagnosis System. Their invention relates to an app where patients use the smart mobile device’s camera to scan their retinas. A backend artificial intelligence module makes the disease identification to determine potential health risks. The report that gets generated can be shared with physicians for evaluation.

The company’s founder, Abbas Mirza, already offers a wide range of cloud-based security software and IoT device solutions for remote patient monitoring. The HIPAA-compliant infrastructure is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) Technology. Industry Expert, Anzar Hasan overseas company’s IoT Security to ensure the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of their devices. Through cellular connectivity, people can send vital readings in real-time directly to a cloud-based software portal, where they can be stored, analyzed, and used to trigger alerts. The team has a track record of adding value to the industry.

Speaking on occasion, a representative said, “This innovative invention will use cutting-edge AI technology to help patients with early intervention. The solution will help people diagnose diseases from the comfort of their own homes. The patent will help improve patient engagement, improve health outcomes, and hopefully reduce re-admission rates and emergency room visits. Early intervention can be lifesaving for patients and time-saving for providers, which can drive cost-saving for patients, healthcare organizations, and insurance providers.”

About the Company

Medinet, RPM provides a comprehensive remote patient monitoring platform and secure IoT devices. These include weight scales, thermometers, blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, blood glucose monitors, and testing strips. These devices are easy to use and help people keep their health in check.

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Company Name: Medinet RPM
Contact Person: Abbas Mirza
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Phone: (972) 638-9198
Address:4425 Plano Parkway, Suite 203
City: Carrollton
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