Tips For Quality Control Of Bag-In-Box When Applied In Food Field

Bag in box packaging, composed of a bag with a dispensing device and a corrugated box outside, has a longer shelf life and better protection from light and oxygen than traditional packaging, consumes little material, can be recycled, can process products of multiple sizes on the same filling equipment, can be suitable for aseptic/non-aseptic/cold filling/hot filling and other processes, and can improve storage and transportation efficiency. The application of bag-in-box in the food field is expanding, but its safety directly affects the safety of food due to direct contact with liquid food, which has also become one of the key quality control points for liquid food manufacturers.

Kaiguan Packaging, one of China top 10 BIB packaging companies, will next share some useful tips for the quality control of BIB bags with you, hoping to offer you some help with the use of BIB bags.

Quality inspection of the inner bagLiquid food manufacturers will carefully test the quality of the inner bag and outer box and ask for a test report when purchasing bag-in-box. Before use, the factory quality inspection department will conduct further safety test, and the food packaging process cannot be started unless the bag-in-box passes the test.

1. Air barrier performance test of the inner bagAir barrier performance refers to the barrier effect of BIB packaging materials on oxygen, which is an important factor affecting the quality of the product during the shelf life, and also an important reference for analyzing the shelf life.Poor air barrier performance of BIB packaging materials will lead to problems such as oxidation and deterioration of the contents due to oxygen sensitivity. The air barrier performance should be measured by the amount of air transmission through the material.

2. Sealing performance test of the inner bagSealing performance refers to the sealing reliability of bag in box packaging, and the sealing performance test can ensure the integrity of the sealing of entire product packaging, so as to prevent leakage, pollution, deterioration and other problems caused by poor product sealing performance.Various methods are available to test the sealing performance, and the most common method is to use a sealing tester to observe the recovery of the specimen after the test.

Test of paper packaging materialsWhen using paper food packaging materials, special ink for food packaging should be used, for most of the non-special ink contains organic solvents such as toluene, which may cause excessive benzene solvents in food.

In order to provide quality bag-in-box products, the inner bag manufacturers should have laminating machine, heat sealing gluing machine and related supporting equipment, establish sealed purification and disinfection workshop, standardized clean production plant and microbiological laboratory, and produce inner bags in strict accordance with the food packaging safety and quality management system.

Bag-in-box outer box manufacturers should strengthen the test of paper, ink, and adhesives, etc., and possess professional technical strength and production experience in the printing and molding of boxes.


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