RBITO creates low risk and high profit platform with high-tech intelligent system to identify sports event hedging opportunities


RBITO is a corporate founded in the United Kingdom specializing in the research and development of artificial intelligence technology. In addition to a team with more than 10 years of experience in technology development and investment analysis, it also holds artificial intelligence, neuroscience and artificial machinery technology from Oxford University, Stanford University and Harvard University. In focus and development and research, the company’s management discovered the potential of sports event hedging, as sports events continue to grow despite the raging global Covid-19 pandemic.


The sports event hedging market has countless opportunities and it encompasses a wide range of sporting events, which including major national events, globally popular sports events (track and field, swimming, soccer, tennis, basketball, racing, table tennis, badminton, volleyball, gymnastics, ice skating , baseball, billiards, cycling, golf, skiing, etc.), and even world-class e-sports (Global Finals League of legends global finals, DOTA2 International Invitational, PUBG World Invitational, CS GO: Major events). According to a renowned business research data, the market value of global sports events reached a total of US$74.2 billion in 2021, and it is expected to increase to US$129.3 billion in 2028, with an average annual growth rate of 10.2% per annum. That’s also the main reason RBITO started to actively focus on the development of artificial intelligence technology for sports event hedging in early 2022.


So, is there any difference between traditional and modern hedging models in the sports market? Of course there are difference and it is very significant in terms of efficiency. For the traditional hedging model, the gaming market actually uses various principles of probability and statistics and the law of large numbers to calculate the probability of all outcomes in a round of betting, thereby setting the odds, and preparing a certain number of positions for hedging to profit . As for the modern hedging, almost 80% of the gaming events are carried out online. They develop users through online or offline. It applies a straight forward methodology where the customer loses the bet, the bookmaker wins. At the same time, the bookmaker also utilizes hedging against customer bets to earn margin.

RBITO sports hedging is able to fluently calculates odds per event and finds the best hedging opportunities. As a technology research and development company, they also able to detect the best hedging opportunities in different markets with sophisticated systems, and then uses mathematical formula for all-round detection to ensure hedging profitability.In addition, they take advantage of the modern model of the online world, a unique online trading program that allows 24/7 operations, smart hedging to ensure zero-risk profits, and the hedging returns remain the same regardless of the economy.

RBITO has very high requirements and dedication to research and development. In order to allow members to understand the trend of the hedging market more easily and understandably, they make full use of unique software to conduct in-depth hedging analysis of the market. The company has also created its own high-tech intelligent system to identify hedging opportunities in all sports events and calculate the potential profit of each hedging, so that members can earn high profits with low risk.

In addition to technology, RBITO is dedicated to forging a highly regulated system for users, and also builds a more complete ecosystem by cooperating with the world’s top companies and foundations. Their strategic partners includes the Pledge Foundation and Marathon Corporate Services Limited. This ecosystem allows RBITO members to trade with confidence in the platform. The company will audit and review each and every partners or collaborative company in advance to ensure that every transaction made by user is safe. And to enhance the security of the funds, all package or investments made by the members on the platform will be held in trust by Marathon Corporate Services limited via Pledge Foundation.

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