McKennon Law Group PC – Pension Lawyers Represent Clients with Denied ERISA Claims and Recovers Benefits for Them

McKennon Law Group PC helps people figure out what type of pension plan is best, negotiates with the pension plan administrator, files claims if benefits are denied, and appeals denied benefits. The law firm has represented clients since 1986.

According to announcements released by McKennon Law Group PC, it has earned a reputation for being among the best law firms in the country for handling ERISA claims. McKennon Law Group PC – Pension Lawyers represent clients whose appeals for denied ERISA claims have been rejected. An ERISA litigation is complicated, and if not handled by a lawyer specializing in these claims, the claimant may lose the case.

The skilled attorneys at this law firm evaluate a client’s claim and then negotiate with the insurer to approve and settle it fairly. For nearly four decades, McKennon Law Group PC has litigated ERISA insurance, health insurance, disability insurance, etc. It has the knowledge and the drive to take on the big insurance companies to protect the interests of its clients. 

The McKennon Law Group PC Yelp Listing shares more insights into this law firm’s capabilities and record. 

ERISA laws are complex; employers and insurance companies often get away with denying or underpaying claims. McKennon Law Group PC has experienced pension attorneys working for it, and they sue for policy benefits and interests on unpaid benefits on behalf of the client. They prepare a strong case using medical and vocational information. 

If one’s ERISA claim is denied, an early appeal via an insurance litigation attorney offers the claimant a better chance of honouring the claim. Pension-related legal matters are governed by strict deadlines and missing these can weaken one’s case and lead to losing the right to sue the employer for a pension. 

McKennon Law Group PC said, “We understand how frustrating it can be to fight back against a denied or delayed claim. Our attorneys have been litigating ERISA insurance, disability insurance, life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, health insurance, bad faith and other insurance matters since 1986.

We are nationally recognized in insurance litigation and have led numerous seminars and written many articles dealing with insurance claim issues. For those experiencing delays in receiving their ERISA claim, our team of attorneys can work to speed up the approval and payout process as best we can by serving as a point of contact between you and the insurer. We aim to make the expediting process as smooth and effective as possible, so we handle all the legwork on your behalf.

In representing clients with ERISA lawsuits, we demonstrate before a judge, if necessary, that the employer has breached their financial responsibility that is laid out under ERISA or that the insurance company has breached their responsibility.

If your beneficiary designation was challenged in any way by another claimant, we can stand by your side and defend your right to that money as well. If your ERISA claim is denied, we can help you understand the contents of the denial letter so you can understand why the claim did not process. If the claim was denied wrongfully, and we believe the insurer has been acting in bad faith, we can help you file an appeal.”

About the Firm:

Established in 1986, the McKennon Law Group PC has successfully represented clients whose claims have been denied or delayed by insurers. The law firm specializes in long-term and short-term disability insurance. Its experience in ERISA litigation claims includes group insurance claims, pension claims and severance claims.

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