Artist Simon Clark Designs World’s First 3D-Printed Life Size T-Rex Skeleton in Virtual Reality with Shapelab Software

Shapelab VR 3D sculpting software allowed artist Simon Clark to design the world’s first life-size 3D printed T-Rex skeleton in virtual reality, producing a four-meter full-scale behemoth by the time he’s done printing. The polygon mesh-based VR sculpting application, Shapelab, allows artists to craft incredibly detailed assets for 3D printing.

Shapelab offers designers a virtual reality modeling app where they can create detailed, intricate designs for 3D printing and digital use. New Zealand artist, Simon “Topgunsi” Clark, used the software to create a spectacular virtual reality model of a full-size T-Rex skeleton, which he is in the process of 3D printing. 

Clark said he loves 3D sculpting in VR because he realized the potential Shapelab’s polygon mesh-based software offered for creating detailed and realistic 3D assets. He specifically said the user interface simplicity and easy-to-use tools make it an ideal choice for artists like him without a background in 3D sculpting.

“The simpler the app, the better,” Clark said. “That’s where I think Shapelab is really good—it’s not overly complex, but easy and concise to use.” 

Revolutionizing 3D design

Leopoly – the company behind Shapelab – is revolutionizing the 3D and VR design industries with fully customizable digital landscapes offering an industry-leading solution for various projects. Clark’s dinosaur skeleton is just one of an infinite number of possibilities Shapelab can bring into reality. 

“Shapelab by Leopoly empowers everyday users to become 3D creators while also providing 3D artists with a wide range of powerful and efficient tools to create high-quality models for professional use,” Shapelab founders said. “Our sophisticated, intuitive tool opens new doors to 3D design for everyone from corporate professionals to novice designers.”

“What will you create today?”

Shapelab by Leopoly offers users an innovative VR design application with a variety of powerful polygon mesh-based sculpting tools. Shapelab is helpful for aspiring creatives and experienced 3D artists alike. 

“Step into our virtual lab and release your creativity, make your own models, and perfect your ideas through digital sculpting,” Shapelab founders said. 


Shapelab opens up a limitless realm of artistic possibility with its VR 3D sculpting software. To learn more about Shapelab, visit the website or reach out on social media at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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