Boy is hospitalized with double pneumonia due to mold found in his house

A Iowa boy, 11-year-old Matthew has a long recovery ahead of him due to double pneumonia with large pleural effusions (fluid around lungs) and double lung collapse and he needed to be intubated. It was caused by a type of fungus that grew in his house that the family of 7 rents. Matthew a sweet 11 year old boy that has went through absolute chaos his entire life practically in and out of the hospital since age 3, because of a genetic disorder. He LOVES police officers and paw patrol especially the character Chase because Chase is the police pup. Things have been severe in his life several times but nothing like this.

He is currently in critical condition at the PICU at University of Chicago. The nightmare began soon after the family moved into a small rental property when soon afterward the children began to get sick very often,but it was little Matthew who had to be emergency intubated due to lack of oxygen. When the doctors tried to find the reason for the sudden respiratory attack, it was then that they realized that it was not a disease that affected his lungs but a type of fungus that grows in damp places. The hardest answer came when the family asked the doctors if his lungs could ever recover from this and their answer was his lungs are very very sick and we just don’t know. Matthew already had a whole list of medical diagnosis and severe disability that made him unable to walk on his own without assistance so it is without saying that he will be going to intensive rehabilitation after this. The Family is asking for monetary help to move from the rental house and expenses for Mathew’s recovery as the property owner is not helping them with the costs of moving from the rental property.

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Written by: Christian Hernandez Vela

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