Record & Split Expenses together with Friends by Zomo LLC

ZomokMe is a social bookkeeping app for people to record & split bills with their friends

Everyone wishes to get a record of the expenditure and the budget to save and utilize the budget. ZomokMe app is now available to serve people with the best dealings and managerial solutions for their budgets and expenses. People can put checks on their findings, their expenses and their income. With the best features of ZomokMe, people can keep a record of their spending and can save their receipts of expenditures at grocery stores and restaurants and the receipts of their shopping.

The aim of ZomokMe is to serve people with easy and interesting solutions. The Japanese “Kanji” currency logo signifies the meaning of good disciplines with money. People can use this app for their personal convenience and satisfaction to help themselves get rid of the issues and calculations of their total budget and their daily and monthly expenditure.

The main features of the application include create and store new receipts, split expenses among friends, search engine to search receipts, calendar filters with flexible dates, generate analysis reports for any receipts, classify receipt groups and more! People can generate bills and receipts of their shopping, utility bills, medical expenses, educational expenses, transactions and fuel and travel costs on this app.

People can keep their data secured while keeping a record of travel expenses or daily expenses and can share the receipts and split the bills among friends. Moreover, users can tag friends on the receipts and the bills and can collect the profile tokens on this app. To carry out all these tasks, there is no requirement for personal information to sign up or to verify themselves. They can easily create their account and integrate their data of budget and ongoing expenses. With the feature of blocking false and annoying users, people can prevent anonymous people from tagging them on any receipts.

People can share their receipts and their bills with their friends also to tag them over the receipts. Daily bills can also be split on the app for utilization and effective budgetary managerial solutions. The record-keeping of every single penny and every expense can make life simpler and can help people to get knowledge of the income and the expense to go with the spending according to the requirements.

For the people’s convenience, it is recommended to store all the necessary and important financing information in ZomokMe as this app gives people the ease of access and useability of the latest and unique solutions for expense and budget management. People can download this application from AppStore and Google Play. It is free to use and has a well-defined and attractive interface to give people an easy approach to all the functions.

For iOS Users: ZomokMe

For Android Users: ZomokMe – Apps on Google Play

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