PUR Cold Pressed Juice Offers 100% Juices Extracted From Freshest In-Season Produce

This Innovative Pro-Sustainability Brand Partners With Highest Quality Local Farmers & Uses Cold Press Method To Produce Pure and Nutritious Juices

To the people behind PUR Cold Pressed Juice, the best version of juice drinks is when it is fresh and pure – the way that mother nature produced them. There is no need for additives, sweeteners, or any alterations. Therefore, the company knew that bringing the ideal juice product to the market was going to be about capturing that freshness and minimizing the processing required – a simple, minimalist approach.

This is the very concept of this modern, innovative brand. Unlike most juice bottlers, PUR produces its juices at the source in Monterrey Mexico. The company works in partnership with local farmers who share the same dedication to quality and supply the company with the best produce in the region. The plantations are only within an hour from its facility where the team cold presses the fruits and vegetables and hand-bottles them within a few days of harvesting. Moreover, only crops that are in season are harvested for juicing.

Upholding the highest standards, the company’s juicing and bottling facility is certified FDA-compliant and aligns its operations with the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP).

“Our juices are unpasteurized, raw, and fully cold-pressed,” explains the PUR team. “When juices are cold-pressed, liquid from the various fruits and vegetables are extracted without the risk of losing nutritional value while maintaining long shelf life. In fact, cold-pressing fruits and vegetables prevents them from oxidizing and degrading. It also helps to preserve nutrients and live enzymes.”

Alongside its commitment to delivering pure and healthy juice drinks, the brand is also an active contributor to sustainability efforts. Due to the reduced processing and logistics required, the PUR team cites that they are able to reduce the carbon footprint of their operations substantially. For instance, by conducting the juicing process in such close proximity to farms, they save up to 800% of fuel costs and transportation of fruits & vegetables, all the while keeping the fruits and vegetables as fresh as possible. Additionally, the bottles they use are made of BPA-free recyclable materials.

PUR Cold Pressed Juice is gaining numerous positive feedback from customers as well. “The juices are incredible,” exclaimed Alexa who previously purchased a set of PUR’s juice cleanses. “I did a 3-day cleanse and could definitely feel the difference in my body and see it on my face. The cleanse is easy to follow, keeps you full, and was a wonderful way to start the new year. Their customer service is THE BEST. I can’t wait to do another in February. Thank you for doing what you do.”

More information about PUR Cold Pressed Juice and its products is found on its website, www.purcoldpressed.com.

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