CharmVerse: The Web3 Platform Powering Token Communities

CharmVerse is the solution for token communities to work together, vote and get rewarded with tasks, docs, bounties and votes.

CharmVerse is the ultimate solution for token communities to work together, vote, and get rewarded with tasks, docs, bounties, and votes. CharmVerse is set to revolutionize the way tokenized communities collaborate and govern. The VC-backed Web3 operations platform was founded in 2021 by a handful of experienced tech entrepreneurs, passionate about the innovative prospects of blockchain technology. Ever since the start-up has drawn attention from all over the space to position itself as one of the pioneers in tokenized communities’ empowerment.

Web3 has established a decentralized architecture for individuals to gather around common beliefs and goals, forming digital communities. These communities are platformless, often tokenized, and collectively governed. They promote a fundamentally unique economic model, which is based on jointly creating inherent value via the use of a token. The concept of tokenized communities is onboarding a rapidly increasing user base, who see Web3 as a superior form of collaboration and governance.

CharmVerse’s mission is to empower those groups to grow and stay engaged. It is currently standing as the most complete solution allowing token communities to work together, govern and vote. The Web3 operations platform is designed to effectively handle docs, tasks, bounties, proposals, and votes. It is a place for community contributors to coordinate day-to-day work, sign in with crypto wallets, and unlock workspaces with custom tokens/NFTs. CharmVerse brings together onboarding, bounty management, proposals, tasks, and data repositories in one place. On top of that, all these features will be free to use throughout 2022.

How does it work?

Existing web2 tools are not a viable solution for web3 ventures. They lack integration with the Web3 infrastructure and transparent governance models. The need for a platform that enhances membership management, compensation & voting systems for communities while enforcing reputation is a critical one, which CharmVerse strives to respond to.

Membership Management

CharmVerse allows users to join or create workspaces that are highly configurable, with tasks, docs, and planning tools arranged with specific attention to users’ experience. Roles and permissions can be customized or allocated to community members with a range of preset workspace permissions modes. Roles can be imported directly from Discord. There’s also an option to import content directly from Notion to get started.

Contributors can be invited to a workspace through a secret invite link or the token gate. For communities powered by custom tokens or NFTs, CharmVerse provides the ability to onboard new members based on NFTs, POAP or token holdings. Most EVM chains are supported and multiple gates can be used to specifically configure roles, ensuring maximum flexibility.

Compensation and Bounties

CharmVerse allows for bounties to be attached to any task figuring in a community workspace. Every workspace offers a consolidated view of all bounties available within a community, making it easy for contributors and bounty hunters to have a sense of its available opportunities!

Bounties can be paid in a variety of forms, from predominant native coins on various chains to custom tokens. This form of compensation is key to tokenized communities’ growth, as it fosters engagement from collaborators.

A Revolutionizing Feature: The Proposal Builder

Governance has constituted one of the main challenges faced by tokenized communities. Low turnouts in voting events are mostly explained by the lack of transparent collaboration on draft proposals. With the Proposal Builder, CharmVerse makes it easy for veterans and newcomers to build high-quality proposals while engaging the community at a much earlier stage.

The Proposal Builder is there to support tokenized communities’ growth by making voting easy for contributors. It has the unique characteristic of creating consistent and peer-reviewed suggestions to be voted on. Every proposal goes through a discussion stage, in which the larger community can comment, suggest changes, and conduct polls ahead of the proposal review & formal votes. Access to these actions can be controlled based on roles, to target the expected contributions of reviewers. Customizable templates are available to make governance accessible and global for tokenized communities.


Tokenized communities have bright days ahead, as more organizations are adopting Web3 systems for governance and collaboration. In order for these ecosystems to flourish, Web3 tools that emphasize efficient customer experience such as CharmVerse are primordial.

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