5 Must-Have Data Privacy Solutions for 2023

Privacy and security are two of the most important yet most vulnerable aspects of an organization. In an era where breaches, hacking, data manipulation, and data phishing are rampant, it’s becoming increasingly clearer that old data privacy solutions are no longer bulletproof to threats. Today, companies are scouring left and right to search for the most cutting-edge tools and solutions that offer a thick safeguard that will bridge the gap between productivity and security. Simply put, leaders are taking all measures to protect their businesses.

More than ever, data privacy is now an essential part of every business, not just to protect the companies, but also its customers. This is particularly true for startups as building a trusted customer relationship is cardinal to growth in the B2B SaaS paradigm.

Here are 5 must-have data privacy solutions for 2023:

Mine Privacy Ops

Established in 2018, Mine’s inception was based on the idea of developing a comprehensive privacy suite of offers. They assembled a team of experienced and dedicated professionals in the fields of cybersecurity, consumer technology, and venture capital to make this vision possible.

Mine PrivacyOps provides a scalable privacy infrastructure that simplifies consumers’ access to data. Through this, users can create automated workflows with utmost consent and privacy request management, risk assessment, ROPA, and data mapping. What’s more, Mine enables the discovery and management of one’s personal data online, as well as automation and streamlining of a company’s privacy operations to build consumer trust.


Founded in 2013, Piwik.pro continues to rise as one of the leading data privacy tools for organizations in the digital space. Piwik.pro is a platform that empowers organizations to analyze and streamline customer journeys. Their product is a perfect alternative to Google Analytics, geared towards compliance with the strictest security policies and privacy regulations around the globe.

This cutting-edge tool allows companies to measure, analyze and improve the user experience of the customer’s relationship with their organization, ensuring data privacy and security every step of the way.

One Trust

Founded in 2016, One Trust has built a household name as the go-to software for governance and policy management, IT risk and security management, third-party risk, and audit and compliance management. 

Their state-of-the-art technology platform connects privacy, GRC, ethics, and ESG teams, data, and processes so enterprises, medium-sized, and small companies can collaborate flawlessly with trust at the epicenter of their culture and operations. What’s more, their GRC and security assurance cloud scales risks and security functions to keep every company’s supply chain resilient against continuous cyber threats and global crises.


As far as maximizing third-party risk management strategies, Archer is one of the most sought-after solutions available for companies to utilize. Founded in 2001, Archer continues to be a force in data privacy and security management. Their solutions help organizations manage risk in the digital era—uniting stakeholders and integrating technologies. In a nutshell, they transform risks into rewards.

Archer’s modern integrated risk management solution was built upon decades of experience and hundreds of deployments across all domains of risk management. What’s more, its modern, purpose-built structure is flexible and adaptable to organizational needs, driving efficiency and coordination across stakeholders.


Launched in 2012, Cookiebot is a world-class market leader in providing solutions that help companies protect their customers’ personal data. Their solution is a self-serve cloud service provided by Usercentrics, an e-privacy company, that enables automated compliance with global data privacy laws like the EU’s GDPR, California’s CCPA/CPRA, Brazil’s LGPD, and many others.

Cookiebot consent management platform (CMP) is a plug-and-play compliance solution built around an unparalleled scanning technology that sees and manages all types of cookies and trackers in use on a website, and automatically controls end-user consents.

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