The Importance of Protective Clothing and Footwear in the Industrial Sector

The Importance of Protective Clothing and Footwear in the Industrial Sector

Wearing protective gear is vital for some industries. Without it, injuries can occur and lead to serious health complications. Protective clothing and footwear are especially critical for certain industries, such as manufacturing. Learning about the reasons for this gear is essential for business owners and employees. Those who would like to learn more should continue reading and contact California Industrial Rubber Co.

Types of Personal Protection Gear

Before delving into the importance of PPE, it is first essential to understand the types. There are two main categories of protective gear: complex and simple. Complex PPE protects against fatal accidents and exposure. Simple PPE protects against non-fatal exposure. The following are the most common kinds of PPE. Those wanting to learn more can visit about:

  • Head protection

  • Hand protection

  • Foot protection:

  • Face protection

  • Body protection

Having personal protection equipment available for employees is indispensable. Visiting will give manufacturers additional information. At the bare minimum, the following PPE should be made available to employees. 

  • Safety goggles or glasses to prevent eye injuries

  • Gloves to prevent hand injuries

  • Ear guards to protect against hearing damage

  • Respirators to protect against lung injuries

  • Footwear that protects against slips and falls

Critical Reasons for Using PPE in the Workplace

Protective gear is essential for many industries and for multiple reasons. Understanding these reasons will allow manufacturers in all industries to follow safety guidelines and ensure they are protecting their employees. 

PPE Reduces Employee Liability

When employees are injured on the job, they are sometimes held liable for their own injuries. By wearing PPE, employees are doing everything they possibly can to protect themselves, thus limiting or eliminating their liability when accidents occur. 

PPE Protects Against Long-Term Health Problems

Many people do not realize workplace exposure can go well beyond the immediate damage. Workers often find themselves suffering for many years beyond their initial exposure. Wearing protective gear helps protect against exposure, allowing employees to avoid serious and chronic health issues and injuries that impact their lives. Companies like California Industrial Rubber Co. are producing some of the best PPE in the industry. 

Eyes Cannot Be Replaced

A person’s eyes cannot be replaced. No matter how advanced science has become, it has yet to find a way to replace the eyes with normal-functioning prosthetics. Because people only have one pair of eyes, they should make sure they wear eye safety protection at all times. Each year, approximately 2.4 million people experience eye injuries on the job. Protecting their eyes should be one of the top concerns of employees. 

Personal Protective Gear Improves the Workday

When employees are worried about their safety, it can impact their ability to perform on the job. PPE gives workers peace of mind in knowing they will be safe while working. This equipment allows workers to conduct their jobs safely so they do not have to worry about the hazards faced on the job. 

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