Motorcycle Accident Attorney Marks Years Of Client Representation

The Salt Lake City office of Siegfried & Jensen offers their experience and knowledge to improve a motorcycle accident victim’s chances of recovering a fair amount of compensation. With the legal team doing the legwork, victims are able to focus on getting better.

Siegfried & Jensen: Personal Injury Attorneys is pleased to announce that the motorcycle accident attorney firm is prepared to provide legal representation for victims of motorcycle accidents. A growing number of people are choosing to ride motorcycles for recreational purposes as well as for commuting. The size and economy of motorbikes add to their appeal, but the size also works against motorcycles in the case of an accident between a standard car or truck and a motorbike.

Since 1990, the injury lawyer Utah legal practice has been assisting residents of Utah and nearby states who have been the victim of injuries or fatalities caused by car and truck accidents, medical malpractice, defective drugs, dog mites and other types of personal injury, including motorcycle accidents. Not every injury will lead to a lawsuit. Still, the legal team at Siegfried & Jensen can provide a case evaluation to give victims reliable facts on which to base a lawsuit decision on.

The legal team is prepared to provide assistance to avoid declaring bankruptcy and pay for injuries. Compensation for injuries and related financial challenges allows victims to rebuild their lives and move forward. The attorneys handle interactions with insurance companies and hospitals. They take the phone calls, paperwork, legal work, negotiations and investigations resulting from presenting a claim for compensation.

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Over the years since 1990, Siegfried &Jensen has a success rate of 97% over more than 35,000 cases. Over $1.2 billion has been recovered for clients. The practice areas include automobile accidents, semi-truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, construction accidents, and medical malpractice cases. The case review is free of charge, and there are never any out-of-pocket charges. The legal team gets paid when the case is won. From the initial consultation, clients can depend on the skills and experience of the legal team.

About the Firm:

Siegfried & Jensen: Personal Injury Attorneys is a legal team founded in 1990. The attorneys focus on personal injury cases of various types. They understand the importance of determining all of the facts surrounding the case.

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