UK entrepreneur launches Tranquil; a new tech for elderly care after trip inspired by FD Roosevelt

UK entrepreneur launches Tranquil; a new tech for elderly care after trip inspired by FD Roosevelt
British founder Miles Waghorn creates leading medical alert watch and tracker device for elderly / dementia patients to save lives, after trip inspired by FD Roosevelt.

Eight years ago, Miles Waghorn was working a part-time job in a local store when he had a brainwave.

Being based in the home technology department, he was regularly visited by elderly customers who wanted help and advice with their gadgets. He soon realized that the personal, patient service that older customers loved was lacking from modern retail.

It quickly became clear that modern technology was not designed for seniors, and inspired by his Grandmother, Miles set about solving that problem by bringing gadgets designed for older users to the world.

Whilst still in his second year at college in the UK, Miles founded his first company, specializing in easy to use gadgets for seniors from big-button remotes to large print keyboards.

In 2017 Miles was awarded the prestigious ‘Roosevelt Scholarship’, funding a 6 week trip from the UK to the USA to research technology for elderly care.

The Roosevelt Scholarship was founded 1946 after the Lord Mayor of Miles’s home town, (Nottingham, England) Francis Carney, spoke with President Dwight D. Eisenhower about establishing a way to recognise the help given to the UK by President Roosevelt during the second world war.

The scholarship enabled talented young recipients with a bright future in commerce to visit the US and learn about its culture, people and history.

Miles studied the relationship between aging and technology in American society. On a 6 week trip that spanned over 6000 miles and 13 cities, from New York to New Orleans, Miles met Gerontologists, nursing home owners and technologists.

What he found was both shocking and surprising…

There was a distinct gap between the incredible technologies being created by the well-known Silicon Valley tech firms, and the gadgets Americans used to care for their elderly loved ones.

Many of the products that people in the USA had available to give their MOM and Dad to wear were stigmatizing, ugly and did not perform to the standard required.

On the flight back from Fort Lauderdale to London, Miles decided to change that. He decided that the great people of America deserved better.

Using his grandmother as inspiration, Miles worked with experts from around the world to source, develop and produce the finest tech for elderly care.

These were products that older people are proud to wear, that look and feel like gadgets that many of us use every day, rather than being ugly, plastic medical devices.

This culminated in the ‘Tranquil Watch’ being developed for the USA. This beautiful timepiece combines European design with Silicon Valley technology to create the ultimate personal safety device for older people.

With a battery life that is up to 10x the competition, full waterproofing meaning it can be worn in the bath / shower and a slim, sleek design in multiple colors, it sets a new standard for giving worried carers peace of mind their elderly loved one is safe and sound.

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