CD Bioparticles Announces New Antimicrobial Coatings for Medical Applications

CD Bioparticles recently introduced antimicrobial coatings for consumables that are prone to bacterial growth.

New York, USA – October 27, 2022 – CD Bioparticles, a leading manufacturer and supplier of various drug delivery products and services, recently introduced antimicrobial coatings for consumables that are prone to bacterial growth, such as ureteral stents, medical fabrics, equipment surfaces, and even hospital operating rooms and department building surfaces.

Medical devices are widely used in clinical treatment. However, the problem of microbial infection has become a prominent issue, which seriously threatens people’s health and life. Statistically, implant-related infections are estimated to account for 50-70% of the nearly 2 million nosocomial infections in the United States each year.

Antibacterial coating is a surface coating containing antibacterial active ingredients, which can effectively inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The coating cover various forms such as drug release, contact killing, and anti-fouling, which can make the surface of consumables have excellent antibacterial adhesion, prevent infection, reduce tissue inflammation, and meet the clinical needs of medical devices.

CD Bioparticles is committed to creating a full range of medical coating products with complete functions for different applications. Some representative products that have been applied include hydrophilic coatings, hydrophobic coatings, lubricating coatings, drug delivery coatings, wear-resistant coatings, insulating coatings, and anti-corrosion coatings. Meanwhile, a lot of these coatings are applicable to use in almost all materials of instruments.

Furthermore, these newly released antimicrobial coatings are especially suitable for consumables that are prone to breeding bacteria, including ureteral stents, central venous catheters, indwelling urinary catheters, urogynecologic mesh, and hernia mesh. In addition, they can also be used on medical fabrics, equipment surfaces (such as touch screens), and even hospital operating rooms and department building surfaces.

Services that CD Bioparticles can provide cover from coating type and process adaptation, coating stability research to performance analyses (such as antimicrobial performance tests in vitro and bio-compatibility). As for coating materials, CD Bioparticles offers silver ions, antibiotics, antiseptics, furanone, and nitric oxide for drug release applications and chitosan, Poly(Ethyleneimine), Polyquaternium, and graphene for contact killing.

The R&D team of CD Bioparticles accumulated years of experience in the field of biomedical material surface interface research and has strong R&D strength. It can carry out fast and efficient customized R&D according to the special functional coating requirements of customers, assisting and solving technical problems or developing innovative products. In the field of polymer material synthesis, processing, and medical devices, scientists were capable of fulfilling their needs at CD Bioparticles.

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