Break Method Launches New Family Systems Format

Restoring Generations now available worldwide for families of children and teens experiencing communication and behavioral dysfunction

Break Method, Founded by Bizzie Gold, recently announced the launch of their new program specializing in the emotional rewiring of family systems. Throughout the last year, Break Method has centered its teaching, workshop and strategy sessions around teens and their parents. This new demographic immediately thrived with the application of the Break Method protocol and inspired the company to focus on a new niche market.

The Restoring Generations program is available in an online format with optional in-person sessions at the company’s headquarters in Sandpoint, ID. The program takes between 4 and 6 months to complete and offers one on one and group support to all family members registered. Each member of the family completes their portion of the course material individually to understand and observe their own emotional pattern and how it contributes to the family as a whole. The course is segmented with specific sessions which align all members of the family to explore and rewire the communication and behavioral issues through a new Break Method framework. The program offers weekly client support, behavioral plans and suggestions for discipline, consequences and communication frameworks that yield measurable results.

“We’ve seen families who have experienced extreme behavior outbursts find reprieve within 2 weeks of starting the course material. They quickly begin to see the input / output relationships in their family dynamic and start communicating with effective results right away,” says Break Method Founder Bizzie Gold. Gold, who is currently in 2 year contract with Clearview Academy for Girls, enjoys working with the challenging family systems who might otherwise have a difficult time finding someone to help. “I’ve truly seen it all in my work. As soon as I find the pattern that is operating under the surface, I can typically build the level of rapport with a teen or parent that may take 6 months to create with a traditional therapist,” says Gold. The testimonials on their website would certainly affirm this testimony.

The Restoring Generations program is ideal for families who are noticing behavior outbursts and communication breakdowns in their household. The sooner this technique is applied to all parties involved, the better the end result. “We don’t take a traditional approach to this work. We tend to dissect the family system more from the lens of a detective looking to understand the ripple effect of cause and effect relationships over time,” says Gold. While time is certainly of the essence, Break Method does accept clients of all backgrounds and presenting issues no matter how challenging or long the dysfunction has existed within the family system.

Break Method currently offers emotional repatterning programs for teens, family systems, couples and individuals. Headquartered in Sandpoint, ID, the company plans to spend 2023 reopening their in-person workshop offerings which were turned into virtual during COVID lockdowns.

Break Method is a comprehensive system of structured self-inquiry tools, online courses and in-person curricula created to rapidly rewire the emotional response system. Adopted in practice by psychologists, clinical social workers and taught in the prison system, Break Method takes an industry disruptive approach to behavioral change and emotional repatterning. Our proprietary approach uses scientific processes to evaluate subconscious brain patterns, emotional addiction cycles and triggers while bringing the conscious and subconscious thought directives into congruency. Science-laced yet approachable to the masses, Break Method delivers rapid results to students of all socio-economic and educational backgrounds without the stigma or financial codependency of traditional talk therapy. Paired with an action-oriented online community and staff of graduates, interns and facilitators across 3 continents, Break Method is uniquely positioned to disrupt the mental health industry on a global scale.

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