CD BioSciences Introduces High Content Imaging Technology to Accelerate Drug Discovery Research

CD BioSciences has recently announced the launch of High Content Imaging technology to accelerate the drug discovery research.

New York, USA – October 28, 2022 – CD BioSciences, a US-based biotechnology company focusing on the development of imaging technology, has recently announced the launch of High Content Imaging technology to accelerate scientists’ drug discovery research. Moreover, customers can also utilize this new tool to study cell morphology, cell proliferation, cell apoptosis, drug safety, and toxicity.

High-content imaging (HCI), also known as high-content screening (HCS), combines high-throughput automated imaging and analysis and uses automated microscopy, fluorescence detection, and multiparameter algorithms to visualize and image cellular events. HCI was originally developed as a complementary technology to traditional biochemical high-throughput screening (HTS) in drug discovery, but with the continuous development and improvement of HCI systems, it has been widely used in life sciences.

HCI is a powerful tool for drug discovery, and it can also be used to study cell motility and migration, marker expression, receptor internalization and degradation, translocation of transcription factors, autophagy and protein aggregation, epigenetic modifications, protein acetylation and phosphorylation, subcellular localization, and personal custom imaging assays. With extensive biological experience, CD BioSciences now offers HCI technology and image analysis algorithm design to characterize cellular physiology in complex cellular systems and provide predictive and translatable data.

“As the demand for HCI technology continues to surge, we are pleased to introduce this HCI technology to offer our customers support who are focused on the ongoing development of drug discovery. It is critical for life science researchers or customers in pharmaceutical and biotech industries worldwide to have the best choice.” said one of the marketing staff at CD BioSciences. “As a supplier of imaging technology for many years, we can provide customers with technical consulting services. We’ll combine efforts to enhance consistency and quality of delivery to be our customers’ imaging partner of choice, assisting the scientists on their groundbreaking research.”

CD BioSciences has a team of professionals with extensive working experience in the imaging field, who can provide clients with personalized imaging services to meet their research needs in biology, microbiology, medicine and food. Services they can provide include tissue imaging and analysis, cellular imaging analysis, molecular imaging analysis, microbial imaging analysis, and imaging analysis for drug discovery and development.

For customers interested in more information about HCI solutions or any other technologies, please visit CD BioSciences at

About CD BioSciences

CD BioSciences is a biotechnology company committed to the development of imaging technology for many years. Its scientists can utilize high-content imaging, nanoparticle imaging, imaging flow cytometry, time-lapse imaging and other techniques to image cell structure, cell migration, cell proliferation, pathogen infection mechanisms and interactions between protein molecules. In addition, the team can also apply powerful analysis software to analyze the captured images of cells, subcellular or tissue to obtain useful information.

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