Asia WEB3.0 Bangkok Summit: Launch Ceremony of 2022 GODE CHAIN Asia Operation Center

Asia WEB3.0 Bangkok Summit on October 26: The launch ceremony of GODE CHAIN Asia Operation Center 2022 was held in Bangkok, Thailand and concluded successfully.

Summit & Launch Ceremony

At 2:00 PM local time, experts from the United States, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Thailand and China’s Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan arrived to sign in at the traditional Thai welcome ceremony. At 3:00 PM, GODE CHAIN 2022 Asia Operation Center Launch Ceremony officially began. GODE CHAIN CEO James, Angel Investor Professor Jason and Chief Architect Professor Chad gave keynote speeches on blockchain technology, WEB3.0 and GODE CHAIN public chain ecology and future, respectively. Various participants and community enthusiasts expressed their appreciation, and they were full of confidence and expectation for GODE CHAIN to build a comprehensive WEB3.0 ecosystem with the value of the public chain, vertically dive into the ownership of the dividend value in the multi-ecological future.

During the period, European and American media, local Thai media and multinational blockchain media conducted real-time interviews and reports on GODE CHAIN. The participants enjoyed traditional Thai song and dance performances, beautiful violin playing and band performances, also tasted traditional Thai food. The Launch Ceremony of GODE CHAIN Asian Operation Center in 2022 went amid a swirl of wine and champagne.


Nowadays, cryptocurrencies, DeFi and NFTS, the first representatives of the digital revolution, have found a suitable entry point into the global market and are highly recognized by the crypto consensus. However, the large-scale adoption of WEB3.0 technology has only just begun. Global talent and giant capital have flown into the WEB3.0 ecosystem on a large scale, it has grown from a nascent community to an emerging industry. 2022 will be a pivotal year for the public chain to extend to WEB3.0. With less than 10% of the global population owning cryptocurrencies and millions of users in WEB3.0 apps, global acceptance is progressing at multiple rate, but there is still plenty of room for growth compared to the billions of WEB2.0 users.

GODE CHAIN Project was completed in 2018, led by Professor Chad, Chief Architect of GODE CHAIN. After more than 4 years of continuous technical update, which cost a lot of time, energy and money, The public chain was officially listed in April 2022, and the mainnet was officially launched in July.

After the GODE CHAIN Public main network went online, it experienced the research of many exchanges, communities, stablecoin systems and major application markets. Because of the complete underlying architecture, it broke out of the ecological siege of the public chain. It has a complete infrastructure, paralleled test network and the main network, connected developer center and the main network interface, with secure METAGOD multi-chain wallet. USDE stablecoins have opened up ecological currency trading pairs, NFT exchanges enable ecological extension, and decentralized exchanges promote ecological circulation, all of which are beyond the reach of many current public chains.

As we all know, public chain is the most important infrastructure to host the Web 3.0 world in the future. On the basis of POSA consensus, GODE CHAIN created DID identification technology with low delay and high throughput, bringing TPS up to 20000. GODE CHAIN presents a multi-dimensional value system, including smart contract, identity authentication, GameFi, global node, multi-chain wallet METAGOD, GODE DAO Alliance, GODESWAP, GODE ecosystem and WEB3.0 scenario application. It enriches in-chain ecological construction, supports off-chain panoramic ecological iteration as the portal entrance of WEB3.0. GODE CHAIN, which integrates the development characteristics of the WEB3.0 era, also GODE CHAIN technical team is constantly focusing on research and technology iteration.

Future Vision

James, CEO of GODE CHAIN, said, “Everything is just the beginning. GODE CHAIN is a blockchain that will make progress unceasingly. In the future, GODE CHAIN will advocate to build the first ecotype public chain of WEB3.0. It will take 3-5 years to reach millions of global consensus members and more than 100 million coin addresses, ranking among the Top 10 public chains in the world.

Asia WEB3.0 Bangkok Summit, 2022 GODE CHAIN Asia Operation Center Launch Ceremony was successfully concluded at 5:00 PM.

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