Visiting Trainer Creates A New Way To Help Individuals Burn Fat & Build Muscle

Free Consultation with a Certified Personal Trainer/Nutritionist

Visiting Trainer Creates a New Way to have a Personal Health Coach Online

The future of fitness is here. Visiting Trainer, the brainchild of Joe Ghafari, a Certified Trainer and Nutritionist, creates a new way of training and keeping fit.

The program is providing fitness enthusiasts with a more affordable way to get a personal trainer and nutrition coach. Visiting Trainer pairs up with a professional coach that will help fitness enthusiasts reach their health and fitness goals.

According to Joe Ghafari, Visiting Trainer provides fitness, nutrition, and accountability coaching for an all-in-one monthly subscription. To note, Visiting Trainer is 70% cheaper than a personal trainer.

Access and instant responses

“Don’t know what workouts to do? What should you eat? What supplements should you take? Not able to lose weight? We will help you get the right answers,” said Joe in describing how the Visiting Trainer works.

The program provides access to the coach where one can ask as many questions as they can and get fast responses.


Mark, a beneficiary of Visiting Trainer, described it as an amazing program, hailing Joe for his commitment and knowledge on fitness matters.

“I’ve worked out with lots of trainers, and I have never come across one who truly listened to my concerns and goals. Coach Joe does. He built a program around correcting all my bad habits, addressing flexibility, and creating a strength-building program,” said Mark.

He added that Joe sat down with him on separate occasions and discussed a nutrition plan. They also looked at the options and settled on a program Mark was absolutely confident he could execute.

“We also discussed mindfulness and taking calming moments throughout the day. And he stressed the importance of getting the right amount of sleep,” added Mark as he described Joe as a seriously legit trainer, professional, focused, and dedicated.

Alec is another beneficiary of the Visiting Trainer program where he described Joe as a personal coach who practices what he preaches, which is probably why he is so successful.

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About Visiting Trainer

Visiting Trainer is a virtual personal trainer that was started a little over a year ago by Certified Trainer and Nutritionist Joe Ghafari. Addicted to fitness, Joe transformed his body, losing a considerable amount of weight and gaining muscle. He wished to do the same to all his clients, prompting him to develop a program that offers more than just training sessions.

Joe developed the Visiting Trainer program to be able to remotely help clients, granting them access to an all-in-one affordable program and matching them up with a coach to build personalized fitness routines, proper nutrition coaching, and, best of all, accountability.

All through the Visiting Trainer App!

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