Wassiyyah Announces its unique estate planning solutions to encourage more people to create their estate plans

Alberta, Canada – October 28, 2022 – Wassiyyah, a fast-growing estate planning company, today announces its unique range of compliant estate planning solutions. This is a part of its effort to encourage more people to create their estate plans.

In this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes. While this may be true, it seems easier for most individuals to manage their obligations to the tax office than it is to accept mortality and plan for their family’s financial future. We all need an estate plan, but unfortunately, many people die without estate plans, and their relatives suffer.

People in their Twenties and Thirties often think they’re too young to create an estate plan. But the fact is, it’s never too soon to start. It also becomes increasingly important to have a plan in place as people get married, progress through their careers, buy a house or have children. Additionally, we are facing frequent pandemics.

While estate planning cost is very high, coupled with limited estate planning experts available – this builds a barrier to creating an estate plan. Wassiyyah believes estate planning doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated, which is why the platform offers affordable, wide-ranging estate planning solutions to encourage more people to create their estate plans before it is too late.

According to the founder, “An estate plan will allow you to protect you and your loved ones both during lifetime and after death. Wassiyyah’s estate plans have in-built protections for everyone in many scenarios, including forced heirship, absence of heirs, disability, and mental incapacity. We ensure your estate plan is long-term due to the dynamic nature of the world situation. And in any unfortunate situation, our estate plans will secure your assets to charity rather than the government treasury.”

Unlike most estate planning companies restricted to a single country or jurisdictional plans, Wassiyyah offers estate planning solutions that meet worldwide needs. 

Wassiyyah’s estate planning solution includes many exclusive products to secure your values, wishes, and wealth. 

Specific products Wassiyyah offer include but are not limited to:

      • Single and Multi-country Last Wills – It includes Single country or jurisdictional Will, Multi-country or Jurisdictional Will, and International Will.

      • Country-specific Trust for an individual or family – It includes Individual and Family Revocable Trust. And the Testamentary Trust can be created under Will and Discretionary Trust. Anyone with significant personal or business assets should consider creating Trust, as it pays off in the end if appropriately established and maintained. Wassiyyah offers exclusive articles to help make an informed decision.

      • Country and jurisdiction-specific Living Will or Medical directive – A strong estate plan covering end-of-life medical wishes, including withholding medical treatments, organ donations, transplantations, etc. It comes in place when the individual can no longer make decisions due to inability or mental incapacity. A Living Will created on Wassiyyah is country-specific to meet compliance. Wassiyyah also offers jurisdiction-specific Living Wills for the United States, Canada, and Australia.

      • Country and jurisdiction-specific Power of Attorney – Allows the appointment of someone to look after the affairs related to property, healthcare, or inheritance. It comes in different types, including Power of Attorney for Property, Healthcare, and Inheritance. A power of attorney created on Wassiyyah is country-specific to meet compliance. Wassiyyah also offers jurisdiction-specific Power of Attorney for the United states, Canada, and Australia.

      • Pour Over Will – It works as a backup estate plan for any unfortunate situation, like where a Grantor or Owner of a Trust dies right before they purchased large assets and missed including in their Trust. It covers assets left out of Trust or waqf.

      • Deed of Gift – It serves the legal purpose in the context that any gift given out by a donor in their life is well documented. Wassiyyah has a highly customized solution for the Deed of Gifts that ensures the document complies with the guidelines.

“You can create a Deed of Gifts for your family members, relatives, charities, or charitable organizations, but most importantly to your Spouse, Children, Grandchildren, Parents, or Grandparents to appreciate your affection, love, and company with them.”

Users can create estate plans 24×7 from the comfort of their homes. Wassiyyah is not just about providing estate planning solutions but is also a learning resource provided through exclusive free and premium blogs and articles. The platform serves as an Academy for Inheritance and estate planning courses.

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For more information, visit https://www.wassiyyah.com/.


Wassiyyah is on a mission to provide families with a better way to plan for the future. The platform makes estate planning simple, affordable, and accessible for everyone by providing a secure way for people to set up their plans. They have modernized estate planning with a design-first approach layered on top of an incredibly easy-to-use interface and all that is without losing the comfort of your home.

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