Top 10 Dog Boarding In NJ – Good Dog Boarding Facility

Top 10 Dog Boarding In NJ - Good Dog Boarding Facility
Dogs are man’s best friend, and they deserve the best of both worlds when it comes to their boarding. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top 10 dog boarding in NJ.

From luxury kennels to PawPets-approved facilities, these places will make sure your furry friend has everything he or she needs while you’re away.

What to look for in a good dog boarding facility

When choosing a dog boarding facility, it is important to look for several things. One important factor to consider is the size of the facility. Some facilities allow dogs to run and play in large areas, while others may have smaller spaces that require more attention from the caretaker.

Another important factor to consider is the staff. Caretakers at a good boarding facility should be experienced and knowledgeable about dogs and pet care. They should also be willing to engage with your dog during his or her stay, providing encouragement and socialization opportunities.

Finally, make sure the facility has adequate facilities for playing games and exercising your dog. Many centers have multiple exercise areas with different surfaces, including grass, dirt, and hard surfaces such as concrete.

Types of Dog Boarding

When it comes to dog boarding, there are a few different types of establishments that can accommodate your furry friend. From daycare centers to doggy hotels, here is a rundown of the most common types of dog boarding in New Jersey.

Crate training: If your pup prefers to be confined within a small area, a crate may be the perfect solution. Many pet boarding facilities offer limited-time free use of designated crates, and often provide toys and chew toys for their dogs to play with inside. While not always ideal for active dogs who want to run and play, crates can be great for dogs who need some extra alone time or those who are shy around other people.

Daycare: For most families with two or more children, daycare is the ideal option for dog boarding. With 24-hour care provided by qualified staff, your dog will be able to relax while you go about your days. And unlike traditional kennels where dogs are kept strictly segregated from humans, most daycares allow pets to mix freely with their owners’ children – providing plenty of opportunity for socialization opportunities!

Boarding houses: Boarding houses are an old-fashioned but still popular type of dog boarding establishment. Similar in concept to hotel chains such as Marriott or Hilton, these businesses offer individual rooms equipped with beds, televisions and sometimes kitchensette – all perfect condominiums for furry friends travelling without their parents! While not always the cheapest option when compared to

Pros and Cons of Dog Boarding

Benefits of Dog Boarding

There are many benefits to dog boarding, both for you and your dog. Here are just a few:

1. You can take care of your dog while you’re away. 2. You can relax knowing that your dog is being well taken care of. 3. You can get help with training or problem solving if needed. 4. Your dog will have fun and be stimulated while boarding. 5. You can find a boarding facility that matches your own personal preferences and style of parenting. 6. It’s a great way to bond with your dog while you’re apart and encourages healthy socialization habits in the dog

The Top 10 Dog Boarding Facilities in NJ

As dog lovers, we know that having your four-legged friend close by is paramount. But what about when they’re not at home with you? That’s where the best dog boarding facilities come in to play.

Here are the top 10 dog boarding facilities in New Jersey:

1. Dog Country USA: This large and well-respected kennel offers a wide variety of activities and rooms for dogs to enjoy, along with top-notch care. They also offer weekend/holiday packages.

2. Timber Ridge Retreat: This facility has many amenities for dogs, including outdoor space, pools, and a playground. They also have a “paw patrol” program which monitors the property during the day to make sure all aspects of care are being provided properly.

3. Seven Hills Pet Resort: This resort offers plenty of play areas as well as lodging and feeding for canines (and their humans). They also have a special program for nursing mothers which includes separate quarters and access to lactation rooms.

4. Dog Beach Kennels: Offering both boarding and daycare services, this business is perfect for owners who want to be able to take care of their pet without leaving home altogether. In addition to providing plenty of outlets for exercise and socializing, they offer classes on how to train your pup better!

5. Best Friends Animal Society – Long Island Shelter: This busy shelter offers ample space for kennelling dogs.


Boarding your dog can be a great way to provide them with a safe, comfortable environment while you’re away. Here are ten of the best boarding facilities in New Jersey, each with their own unique set of features and amenities that will make your pup feel right at home. Which one would you like to try first?

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