Flying Laser Marking Machines VS Non-flying Laser Marking Machines

Flying Laser Marking Machines VS Non-flying Laser Marking Machines

    In the marking field, it is commonly known that flying laser marking machines are the upgrade of traditional laser marking machines. The former basically covers the full range of applications of non-flying laser marking machines; that is, it is able to mark all kinds of product surfaces or the surface of the outer packaging. Apart from that, the flying laser marking machine can also mark various materials online, which non-flying laser marking machines cannot complete.

Flying Laser Marking Machines

    Online flying laser marking machines make it possible for products to be marked on a running assembly line, thus extremely increasing production efficiency, which is the highest focus in product processing and production. The relevant advantages of the flying laser marking machine are as follows:

1) It produces unique visual and tactile marking effects. The texts, patterns, symbols, etc. marked are permanent, that is, irremovable.

2) Its marking results feature high anti-counterfeiting and anti-falsification.

3) It meets the needs of diversified marking, automated production, assembly line production, and non-conventional surface marking.

Flying Laser Marking Machines VS Non-flying Laser Marking Machines

    In simple terms, the flying laser marking machine is a type of machine working by following the running of an assembly line and being combined with industrial automation to mark products, while the non-flying laser marking machine is a category of semi-automatic marking machine working by manual placement of marked products; that is, operators place workpieces on the marking station and then take them off after the completion of marking.

    The online flying laser marking machine features strong text arrangement and graphic processing functions. It can also automatically generate batch numbers and serial numbers. The plugin intelligent control interface can be flexibly connected up to various automatic devices and sensors. In addition, software functions of the online flying laser marking machine can be flexibly modified for specific situations.

    The online flying laser marking machine is useful in various marking scenarios and meets diversified needs. Flying marking spares the use of a marking station, instead equipped with an assembly line, which is more flexible than a fixed marking station of the non-flying laser marking machine. Moreover, 360-degree marking can be accomplished by online flying laser marking machines.

    The main difference between online flying laser marking machines and non-flying laser marking machines in terms of machine composition is the performance difference in lasers, Galvo scanners, and software. The former requires higher-effective lasers, higher-speed Galvo scanners, and more established software to mark various objects than the latter.

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