Fourth In Fire Ministries International Introducing Ministry Evangelistic Association

General overview

Malachi Makin and Angel Makin, as the founders of Fourth in Fire Ministries International(FIF), have an evangelistic association consisting of the offices of the body of Christ all over the world. The goal of this association is to see souls come to the saving knowledge of Christ. They have a ministry that includes church services, bible studies, conferences, crusades, and other religious events. Malachi and Angel Makin are passionate about seeing people come to know Jesus through their ministry. Church gatherings provide attendees with opportunities for fellowship, prayer, and hearing the word of God. Attendees also get opportunities to engage with church members who serve on different committees such as youth ministries or children’s ministries. Fourth in fire ministries international documents 10,000-20,000 salvations per month using international media broadcasts and crusade events hosted by members of the FIF Evangelistic Association. For total up to date documented decision report please email or submit an inquiry on

The ministry’s evangelist speaks during church services and preaching’s. He uses his messages to share what he has learned from studying God’s word. His teachings encourage listeners to pursue spiritual growth by following God’s will rather than their own wants or desires. These messages often offer hope to those who may feel like they’ve failed at life. The organization’s crusade seeks out those who have never heard the Gospel before. Evangelists travel from place to place preaching their message of repentance and faith.  The association’s ultimate goal is to see lives changed through the power of Jesus Christ. All churches affiliated with the association use liturgy and music to enrich worship. Worshipers participate in prayers led by ministering clergymen, which include Bible readings and sermons on relevant topics.

How you can get involved?

Fourth In Fire Ministries International has an evangelistic association of the offices of the body of Christ all over the world. The goal is to see souls come to the saving knowledge of Christ. If you are interested in becoming a part, please contact us and we can discuss your involvement opportunities. We also would love to partner with organizations that have similar goals so that together we may be able to reach many more people. If you are interested in working alongside us, please feel free to get in touch!

About us:

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Media Contact
Company Name: Fourth In Fire Ministries International
Contact Person: Evangelist Malachi Makin
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Phone: +1 386-275-5404
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