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Customized topical patches and aromatherapy to conquer health and wellness

Everyone deserves to feel healthy and self-empowered. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle leads to a fitter physique, more relaxed mindset, and better ability to cope with whatever life brings. At VICI Wellness, Inc., they are helping people conquer health and wellness with their quality products that are made using only the most purest ingredients.

Proudly owned by two women in Huntington Beach, California, VICI Wellness, Inc. strives to offer their customers a full selection of natural products with excellent quality and convenience. They believe in the values and power of natural resources and how these can bring long lasting benefits. In the hopes of providing alternative solutions to everyday challenges with the mind, body, and emotions, VICI Wellness, Inc. has a wide offering of customized topical patches and aromatherapy.

Specifically, VICI Wellness, Inc. wishes to bring positive effects to their customers in the following five categories: energize, focus, relief, immunity, sleep, and soothe. For instance, those who are seeking migraine relief could try their Oh Mi-Graine Topical Patch, which was formulated and developed using natural supplements and nutrients such as Ashwagandha root, curcumin, ginger, magnesium, riboflavin, and Vitamin D. With an eight to ten hour time-release technology, the VICI patches are simple to use and can be put on any area of the skin with little to no hair. Another famous item from VICI Wellness, Inc. is their Sweet Dreams Aromatherapy Roller. This is the perfect product for those who find it challenging to take a deep slumber because it supports rest and relaxation.

VICI Wellness, Inc. products also come in sets, which are perfect for people who are having challenges in more than one aspect of their health. One example is their Sleep and Serenity set, which contains topical patches and an aromatherapy roller for tranquil sleep support and anxiety support. They also have sets where they package patches, an aromatherapy roller, and an aromatherapy diffusing blend in one deal, and all of their sets have an extra discounts allowing you to get great savings benefits.

Aside from topical patches and aromatherapy, VICI Wellness, Inc. has also ventured in bath essentials like clean glycerin soap, glycerin loofah soap, and bath bombs. They also have sustainably grown sage, a current crowd favorite for clearing and cleaning the air by releasing negative ions, which is believed to be effective in cleansing a space, clearing out negativity, improving your mood, and boosting your brain. Both of these product collections come in different options, all proudly made using only the purest ingredients.

Feel healthy and empowered.

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About VICI Wellness, Inc.

VICI Wellness, Inc. is a women owned company that offers various products made from natural elements and produced in the United States.

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