What is the difference between Monaco Chain™ and Miami Cuban Link Chain?

What is the difference between Monaco Chain™ and Miami Cuban Link Chain?

Monaco Chain™ offers a modern, budget-friendly alternative to the traditional Miami Cuban Link Chain at a fraction of a cost.

When it comes to real gold chains, there are certain trends that come and go. One chain that has proven its ability to stand the test of time is definitely the Miami Cuban Link Chain. Brought to popularity largely by hip-hop culture, the Miami Cuban has remained a go-to staple piece for many. Essentially, the Miami Cuban Link – also known as a Curb Link chain – is a solid gold chain comprised of round or oval hoops that are linked to lay flat on the wearer’s wrist or chest. Thanks to its structure, Miami Cuban Link chains are one of the most durable chains on the market. However, these chains are not the best for everyday use, as they can be quite heavy.

Emerging in recent years, the Monaco Chain™ is an updated, innovative interpretation of the classic Miami Cuban Link chain, designed and manufactured by a special patented technology, which ensures perfection and consistent quality in every single chain. This patented technology allows Monaco Chain™ to create hollow chains that are 75% lighter than Miami Cubans. Although lighter in weight, compared to the solid chains, Monaco Chain™ pieces are able to hold up to 52 lbs on a tensile scale, making them more than durable enough for the wear and tear of everyday use.

Even though both chains look quite similar, the Monaco Chain™ is a machine-made, technology-based Cuban link, in which every detail is perfectly calculated to ensure that every single chain will look exactly the same, every single time. The Miami Cuban, on the other hand, is generally a handmade chain, making it susceptible to differences in look, strength, and quality. As the Miami Cuban Chain is not a brand in itself, there isn’t a universal standard of production. In contrast, Monaco Chain™ is a trusted, well-known brand that maintains a consistent standard of quality, to ensure that each customer is satisfied with every purchase, regardless of which store the pieces are purchased from.

Additionally, the Monaco Chain™ can be distinguished from other chains by its clasp. Each Monaco Chain™ design features a curved lock that allows for the bracelets to sit perfectly on wrists, and for the necklaces to wrap smoothly around the neck, without disrupting the flow of the chain. The clasps are available in three distinct varieties: the Plain Lock, the Swarovski studded Pavé Lock, and the Baguette Lock. Each piece can be further customized by a selection of metals, lengths, and widths. All designs can be found at Oro Monaco, the official online partner of Monaco Chain™, along with the modern take on the classic staple – the Monaco Chain™ Edge Collection. Questions about gold chains are answered on the Oro Monaco blog and stellar customer service is available to provide further guidance.

In conclusion, although similar in look, Monaco Chain™ is a technology-based, machine-made, hollow alternative to the traditional Miami Cuban Link that is just as strong but much lighter in weight, making its cost a fraction of a Miami Cuban’s price.

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