Consumer Consulting Group, LLC Launches Timeshare Exit Services

This company helps timeshare owners cancel their contracts as consumer demand for timeshare cancellation companies hit an all-time high due to the US economy dip.

Consumer Consulting Group, a consumer defense and recovery firm, introduces its timeshare exit services to thousands of vacation property owners across the country. The company offers case review and enrollment, initial disputes and mediation, negotiations and settlements, as well as protection, resolutions, and recovery for today’s timeshare property owners.

“Each year, we help hundreds of timeshare owners have hope for stability. Every day, our clients regain their financial future by eliminating the timeshare wildcard. The timeshare companies’ bills are recurring and increase every year. On average, the timeshare membership dues and assessments increase from 5%-10% every 1 to 2 years. These vary by resort and contract terms but you never know by how much until the bill shows up. It’s like writing the timeshare company a blank check each year,” says the company representative.

The US economy’s inflation challenges this year made it difficult for timeshare owners to keep their share of vacation properties. As a result, many of them are heading out for the exit. According to Consumer Consulting, it takes 9-13 months on average to finish a complete termination of timeshares accepted into its relief program.

“Our process is aggressive, and results can take time, but we are dedicated to delivering them as fast as possible,” adds the representative. The company suggests interested clients to give them a better understanding of their situation to see if they qualify for their program.

Feedback for the company has completely endorsed its services. One of its clients, Herschel Batt, said “If you don’t hire Consumer Consulting Group you are a fool. I have talked to every exit company out there and they all sound the same. Blah blah blah scam. I called Mark and he said I was right and they probably all use the same script. I thought that was funny, but he is right. So I gave Mark a chance. My cancellation literally took 168 days! My credit was never damaged, and I got no calls from my timeshare company. It took me calling seven exit companies but I knew I found the right one. I hope this helps all timeshare owners who want to get out of their timeshare but don’t want to call them all. If you are reading this then you found the right one.”

Consumer Consulting is also a regulated financial and registered creditor that offers several payment options for its clients. It is affiliated with the United Consumer Financial Services Company and the US Chamber of Commerce. For more information about Consumer Consulting Group, visit

About the Consumer Consulting Group

The Consumer Consulting Group is a full-service timeshare cancellation fulfillment center. Established in 2018, the company has been helping brand new and decades-old timeshare owners cancel their deals with vacation properties worldwide.

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