PawPang Introduces New Exciting Packaging For Their Bestseller Dog Diaper Liners Which Are Suitable For All Dog Breeds

South Korean dog diaper company PawPang, has renewed the packaging of its dog diaper pad series. These smart liners come in different sizes and can save pet owners time, and planet at the same time.

Dogs can be messy at times, especially when pet owners are out having a nice dinner with their family or trying to show off how cute their dog is to their date. Even if the dogs are potty trained, sometimes they just wet the premises, leaving their scent for other dogs to sniff and the whole street to endure. But pet owners won’t have to worry about anything with dog diaper liners. They are sanitary, effective for all breeds of dog, and easy to use, saving up time to play with the dogs. The new exciting and cute packaging of these diaper liners are eye catching and very creative. At the back of the packaging dog owners can customise the diaper packet according to their dogs name which doesn’t only look cute but also makes it more personal.

Say goodbye to dogs peeing on your furniture or expensive white carpet because PawPang’s dog diaper booster pads are made with absorbent materials and won’t even let a drop out of the dog’s diaper. Oh! And forget getting late for work due to cleaning dog pee in the morning because PawPang’s dog diaper liners are available in four sizes, X-small, small, medium, and large, which are a suitable fit for every breed of dog. Whether a poodle or a retriever, these new diaper liners fit perfectly on every dog. They are very easy to use, remove the liner and paste it on a diaper. After the business is done, remove the liner and dispose of it properly. It doesn’t matter which diaper brand pet owners are using for their dogs because PawPang’s dog diaper liners can fit flawlessly on every kind of dog diaper.

PawPang dog diaper pads are made in South Korea, keeping the dogs’ the number one priority. These diaper liners are made after carefully selecting and evaluating the best kind of materials for the dog’s skin. Rashes are one of the common problems which are prevalent in dogs. Due to liquid not getting absorbed completely, the moisture causes inflammation on the skin of fur babies, which can be irritating and painful, especially to pups. But dog owners don’t have to worry about it when using PawPang’s dog diaper booster pads because they are made with 100% natural pulp and non-toxic material, providing only comfort to dogs. It also helps reduce odour to a minimum level creating a fresh environment for dogs to play in.

PawPang loves dogs and wants to help save this planet for a better future; each year, 1% of its annual revenue is donated to a non-profit organization. Compared to regular diapers, PawPang’s dog diaper liners help reduce waste by 60%. So, by purchasing at PawPang, pet owners are helping save this planet for themselves and their dogs. These pads are also cost-effective and reduce up to 65% of diaper spending. 

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