Madmen and Heroes to launch new, epic puzzle box game series, Tower of the Four Game

Coming in Fall 2022, Madmen and Heroes, the creatives behind the preeminent monthly puzzle game subscription boxes including The CRAAAFT and The Resystance, introduces Tower of the Four Game, the new collaboration, epic fantasy masterpiece in partnership with award winning author Todd Fahnestock.  

Come on an epic quest set in the universe of the Tower of the Four! There are adventures to be had with Quad Brilliant and now players can embark on a journey with them. This new game builds on the universe of the Tower of the Four with expanded stories, mysteries to solve and exclusive merchandise not available for purchase elsewhere. Explore origin stories, delve into the mysteries of the Champions Academy and learn more about the Quadrons while solving the puzzles within. These stories will give more insight into Quad Brilliant and their lives before, during and after their time at the Academy. Join Quad Brilliant in discovering what is really happening at the Champions Academy.

As opposed to the murder mystery escape room style boxes that have flooded the market in recent years, Madmen and Heroes focus on more unique gaming experiences. The Resystance has stories based on various resistance movements throughout history and highlights the many ways that people have found to resist oppressors over time. 

Meanwhile, The CRAAAFT is a mystery puzzle game for lovers of folklore and myth. It combines uniquely fun puzzles and ciphers that must be solved to reveal mysterious occurrences, uncover otherworldly activities and explore stories from around the world. In these games, Lydia Lore, director of the Center for Research And Archives of Anecdotal Folk Tales (CRAAAFT), asks for help from field agents exploring the unknown. 

This is a family-friendly experience, but based on the challenge level of the ciphers and puzzles, it is probably best suited for teens and older. Games can be played solo or in groups of 2 – 6 people. 

Tower of the Four promises to be as unique of an experience as the other games this innovative company has created. Whether players want to join the rebel forces, explore folk tales from around the world, or head off on an epic adventure, there is something to explore. Find them all at


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