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Stamp Foam-Sino

DIY Scrapbooking Reusable Moldable Foam Blocks Stamping Foams

【PREMIUM MATERIAL】: Made of high quality soft rubber. Size: 12″ x 8″ x 0.31″. They can be used with their favorite inks and mediums,simple to clean and completely reusable.


【GOOD WORKMANSHIP】: Pick up textured impressions/patterns from anywhere including embossing folders, stamps, dies.They can also be uses with the stamping blocks for better effect!


【WIDE USAGE】: Great for backgrounds & card fronts,easy to heat with a heat tool or even a hairdryer. The carving block applies to the transfer of inkjet printer, clip art and newspapers. Soft and easy to engrave rubber blocks are perfect for making stamps. Ideal for school and home.


【BEST CRAFTER’S FRIEND】:people will have so much fun with this craft supplies to see what patterns people can pick up. Don’t forget to look through their stamps as well! Remember, when they press them into the Stamping Foam, it actually creates a reverse pattern from the actual stamp!


How to use:


1. Heat foam with a heat tool for roughly 15-30 seconds.(Tips: Keep their  heat tool moving to ensure them heat the entire foam surface evenly.)

2. Once  people have done heating,immediately press the softened foam into any textured surface (eg.embossing folders, stamps, dies, stencils and other household items)to pick up nice textured impressions/patterns.(Tips: Using acrylic blocks as a handle can give them more pressure when they press.)

3. Apply their favorite inks or mediums to the foam. (Tips: 1. Please use dye ink pad rather than pigment ink pad, as dye ink is much easier to clean.The dye inks which don’t usually stain stamps also don’t stain their stamping foams.)

4. Spray a little bit of water with their sprayer from a little distance.(Tips: Hold the foam about a foot away and then spray just a little mist.)

5. Press the inked stamping foam onto their project to transfer the ink and the design.(Note: It actually creates a reverse pattern from the actual stamp!)

6. Wipe the stamping foam clean with a cloth or baby wipes.(Tips: If some inks stain, try to clean with stamp cleaners or rubbing alcohol.)

7. To release the impression and reuse the stamping foam, reheat it until it softens and releases the texture.

8. Please note:More heating time and more pressure are required for the larger stamping foam, because the surface is a lot larger! There won’t be very deep impressions in the larger stamping foam, but it’s ok and it’s just what people want. People just need to apply ink with light pressure, and the nice patterns will show up.

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