Shihan Fabrice Fourment Blending Pain Relief Therapy and Martial Arts

Shihan Fabrice Fourment is a therapist using martial arts techniques to help people in chronic pain with his unique perspective.

People learn much about hurting others and themselves through martial arts. Shihan Fabrice Fourment is a well-known name in the martial arts community and an expert in different self-defense styles. Many special forces and soldiers have received training and instructions from Shihan through seminars and tutorials. Shihan Fabrice Fourment is regarded as one of the top authorities on self-defense in the world, and he has a long list of honors and accomplishments to prove it.

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Fabrice’s martial arts career exposed him to sports traumas. While fighting internationally, he was aware of the pain every fighter or athlete suffers. This experience led him to the well-known field of therapy, which enabled him to help those suffering from such traumas or pains and provide them with solutions with his vast experience in the area. He developed a unique perspective and was able to assist people with mental and physical rehabilitation.

Open-mindedness and humility are critical aspects of Fabrice’s nature. He created a deep and significant relationship with the employees he collaborated with, enabling an excellent communication channel and a pleasant atmosphere. The atmosphere helped him and the people find solutions surrounding life’s daily hassles. He has a charming personality with an optimistic sense of humor, which enabled trainees at the company to go above and beyond during the sporting sessions.

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With his experience in sports and getting to know the body so well, Fabrice deals with everyone differently and trains them according to their body style so they can benefit the most from it. He helps with exercising and gives a diet plan which helps the body remain fit for a long time. The morning sessions help everyone get up early and start their day early in the right way to ensure positivity throughout the day. 

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About Shihan Fabrice Fourment


Fabrice has 40 years of martial arts experience, including 30 years of Kyokushin-Kai Karate which has exposed him to knowledge about injuries and traumas. Combining his martial arts experience with apprenticeships in Japan, Russia, and France with courses in Israel has helped him develop a keen perspective on physical and mental health. He now helps companies and employees with posture-related issues and how to maintain a healthy workplace.

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