Minneapolis Oxygen Suppliers for Industrial, Medical, and Specialty Uses by Locally Owned and Operated Business Backed by World-Class Service

For over seven decades, small and large companies in and around Minneapolis have relied on Toll Gas for gas and welding supplies. The business counts companies like Medtronic and Boston Scientific among its customers.

Toll Gas provides USP-grade oxygen to medical facilities, which is essential for treating conditions such as hypoxia and hypoxemia. According to announcements released by Toll Gas and Peggy Jindra, the business has been among the top Minneapolis oxygen supply companies for more than 70 years. Its customers include large and small commercial, industrial, and medical businesses. Customers are assured of upfront pricing for the oxygen they buy; there are no hidden fees or surcharges to worry about. 

When buyers contact Toll Gas, they talk to an industry expert who is genuinely interested in helping them select the best product for their requirements. They offer demonstrations and troubleshooting too. The business boasts a low employee turnover; therefore, all employees benefit from regular training. 

Toll Gas designs and installs the right-sized bulk storage systems with appropriate flow capacities to meet a client’s requirements. According to sources, this oxygen supply company’s bulk storage delivery system ensures reliable and uninterrupted gas and liquid supply. The system, installed at the client’s site, is a time- and money-saver and frees businesses from having to arrange for cylinders and cylinder packs. Benefits of its bulk oxygen supply systems include remote tank monitoring, cost savings because cylinder change-outs and downtimes are eliminated, and enhanced safety. 

Apart from oxygen, Toll Gas also supplies carbon dioxide, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, medical air, argon, helium, hydrogen, propylene, and other gases. The Toll Gas store sells welding supplies, tools, abrasives, and accessories.

For more information, go to https://www.tollgas.com/minneapolis-oxygen-supply/

Peggy Jindra of Toll Gas said, “In 2022, we launched our state-of-the-art Absolute Air plant so we can meet the highest standards of quality, affordability and customer service. Whatever your gas service needs, Toll Gas can help you get there. 

Find out how. We do it all – robotic, laser, hard fixture & spot welding, machining, material handling, plasma cutting or oxyfuel cutting tables. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from automation. We will work with you from concept to completion to provide you with a fully functional, turnkey solution.

Our experienced sales team, combined with our automation partners, can guide you through your automation project. We will work with you from concept to completion and continue with ongoing support. We are capable of providing a fully functional, turnkey solution. Specialty gases look beyond the application to other factors such as purity level, complexity, and certainty of composition. We offer a complete line of specialty gases filled to one quality standard at our ISO-accredited specialty gas laboratory and production facility. 

We fill many specialty gases in-house and maintain a controlled process and provide product traceability under one quality manual. Our state-of-the-art specialty gas blend cells offer reduced lead times and repeatability with custom and standard blend requests. 

Do you know how your gas is made? Toll’s State-of-the-Art, ISO Accredited Laboratory will give you peace of mind. Toll’s custom-designed analytical testing can provide you with either a Certificate of Conformance or a Certificate of Analysis. Custom blends, not a problem.”

About the Company:

Toll Gas offers its customers almost a century of cumulative experience that helps clients save money, operate safely, and earn a good ROI on their welding equipment. It informs clients on the gas selection, delivery system options, and automation. Its services are preferred because of the quality of technical support and value-add services offered.

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