Author of Hit Political Campaigning Guidebook Offers Speaking on Career and Mental Health

Henry Bouchot is currently available to give public speeches on achieving mental health through finding purpose to colleges, graduate programs, leadership seminars, and conferences.

Henry Bouchot, the celebrated author of A Millennial’s Guide to Running for Office: How to Get Elected Without Kissing the Ring, is announcing to the general public that he is available to give speeches on career, depression, personal growth, and mental health to colleges, leadership seminars, and graduate programs. Event organizers, deans, professors, and administrators searching for a keynote speaker are encouraged to reach out. 

Henry brings with him a wealth of experience garnered over the course of his successful career as both an entrepreneur and military veteran. He has had to overcome mental health challenges, caused by the trauma of deploying to Afghanistan and losing his father to cancer, to achieve his dreams. For Henry, neurodivergence should be treated as a tremendous asset to public office instead of an obstacle. 

Discussing how he overcame his struggles through finding his purpose, Henry says, “I saw what others couldn’t see. And that’s if you do it right, public service can actually be healthy for you.”

This pivot toward public speaking is in line with Henry’s passion to help others overcome their challenges and pursue their passions. He also desires to see more authentic and capable candidates from all backgrounds pursue a career in politics.

About Henry Bouchot

Son of Latin American immigrants, Henry Bouchot grew up in East Los Angeles. He became a lawyer and volunteered for the Marines, deploying to Afghanistan. After returning, Henry ran for city council and delivered a major upset, unseating a nine-term incumbent to become the youngest elected official ever in the City of Whittier. 

Henry documents this experience in A Millennial’s Guide to Running for Office: How to Get Elected Without Kissing the Ring, in an attempt to give readers a peek behind the veil of local politics. According to the book’s synopsis, “Henry shows how he harnessed his business education, and his experience in the Marines, to create an unbeatable campaign. In it, he goes beyond the nuts and bolts of running and explains how to make campaigning both an unforgettable experience and an unstoppable one.”

Henry is also the author of Sonnets of Sin & Salvation: A Tale of Partisanship & Pragmatism in the Age of Donald Trump. Henry’s first novel, Public Record is due in the Spring of 2023.

Since his arrival on the political scene, Henry has been featured in Boston Herald, NBC News, CBS, and FOX, among others. 

Please visit to learn more about Henry and also to book Henry as a keynote speaker for your professional event.  

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