BagSoccer Is Bringing Childhood To The Present Day

BagSoccer is a new game inspired by a classic from childhood times.

This title is inspired by the world-famous hit “Head Ball“.

This will have great differences which will make it an attractive and unique game.

With an extremely user-friendly interface and gameplay, it is quickly being played all over the world mainly by children and teenagers. From its worldwide success at a time when the internet was just beginning, many different versions of that same indie game came out; Head Ball, Soccer Heads, Football Heads, La Liga and many more.

With its super distinctive feature that its characters will be customized bags in 3D and will not be as simple as 2D characters like in all the old versions of the game.

Obtaining one of these characters will give one different benefits, one can get more info and get these characters on their website

The Game:

It is a soccer video game with short and dynamic matches, 1v1 online, in which one can challenge their friends and rivals to win the rewards of another player.

BagSoccer will come with 6 initial game modes which will be updated and added over time as stated by the CEO of the project.

It will also have 8 Initial characters among which are LordOfDonuts, Baggie Shelby, Cherno Will, etc.

And not only that, it will have seasons which will be divided into cups and at the end of each season, there will be unique rewards. Speaking of rewards, this leads me to mention that BagSoccer will have tournaments and special events for the owners of its characters. The CEO confirmed that there will be a special world cup event along with new characters related to the famous sporting event.

BagSoccer currently has an open beta on its website, so anyone can try the first version of the game. So, ready to play this awesome game?

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