Hoverboards.co.nz is Constantly Adding New Products

Hoverboards.co.nz has added multiple high quality additions to it’s lengthy product list and offering unbeatable deals.

The most popular hoverboard and electric scooter retailer in New Zealand made major waves earlier this week adding six brand-new off-road capable hoverboards to their online product catalog.

This surprise release of brand-new hoverboard models is not unusual for Hoverboards.co.nz. Long considered the most influential manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of hoverboards, self-balancing scooters, and Segways, Hoverboards.co.nz is constantly adding new products from some of the biggest self-propelled personal transport manufacturers under the sun.

These new hoverboards are getting a lot of attention, though, because of all the extra capabilities and bells and whistles they are bringing to the table. Each of these new arrivals features 8.5 inch wheels, full off-road capabilities, extended battery life and quick charging technology, as well as Bluetooth built right in.

On top of that, these scooters are offered at a dramatic discount compared to traditional retail prices. Each of these new arrivals are discounted $350 right off the top, making them some of the most capable and most affordable self-balancing scooters you’ll find on the market today.

As always, customers will be able to enjoy all the big benefits that come from purchasing hoverboards from Hoverboards.co.nz.

That means leveraging some of the best customer service in the industry, customer service that has won multiple industry awards, and customer service that is a model not just for the hover board industry before the online retail industry at large.

It also means being able to take advantage of a full 12-month warranty that protects every aspect of these hoverboards. Customers can order from Hoverboards.co.nz with a lot of extra peace of mind, knowing that their purchase and their hard-earned money is always protected thanks to this policy.

At the end of the day, though, Hoverboards.co.nz continues to succeed because it is a New Zealand focused company owned and operated by New Zealanders in New Zealand. They understand what the market wants when it comes to hoverboards, self-balancing scooters, and Segways and they deliver time and time again.

Hoverboards.co.nz is a New Zealand based online retailer, distributor, and manufacturer of self-propelled personal transport devices. The company has an almost legendary reputation in the industry, not just for the products that they sell and their capabilities but also for the customer service and warranty protection they provide.

Visit their webpage for more details about these new additions to the Hoverboards.co.nz product catalog.

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