Chasing Dreams in Style: How Atena Crain Translated Her Visions Into Reality

Anyone who has embarked on the daunting journey of pursuing a dream knows that it takes a lot of courage and faith to go after something that matters. However, along with the fear that comes from trying to achieve greatness is the sense of fulfillment that one gets after realizing that they have given their goals their best shot. In the case of Atena Crain, an esteemed visionary in the fashion industry, she has shown that anything is possible for those who choose to be dauntless in the face of conquering their endeavors. Today, she is hailed as one of the most promising personal stylists whose impeccable taste is unlike any other. 

At the heart of Atena Crain’s purpose-driven efforts is the belief that fashion can be an effective tool for expressing one’s truest self. For this reason, she addressed herself to the challenge of using her authentic flair and creative prowess to encourage others to embrace their unique style and flaunt them with confidence. Her mission is to empower individuals from all walks of life to own their identity and show who they truly are to the world. 

Aside from being an emerging personal stylist who helps fabulous women express themselves through their style, Atena Crain is recognized as one of the foremost advocates of creative freedom. Currently, she is the owner of two flourishing businesses—T&A Tax and Business Services and Styled by Atena. While T&A Tax and Business Services allow her to work very closely with small businesses and help them with their accounting needs,  Styled by Atena lets her unleash her creative side and have as much fun as she can. 

As someone who used to be afraid of showing her authentic self to others, Atena Crain understands how easy it can be to fall into the trap of concealing one’s real self in the hopes of fitting in and being accepted by society. Thus, she has made it her ultimate goal to embolden others and make sure that they get to embody the style that genuinely represents who they are. 

Originally from Iran, Atena Crain grew up in a conservative environment where women are expected to cover up and make themselves less visible. It was not until she and her family began moving to Ukraine and then to the United States that she realized how people from other cultures dressed. 

“As a young girl, I wanted to fit in and be like all the other kids. I already looked different, so at least I could dress similarly. But my family did not have much money to buy me the ‘cool clothes,’ so I had to get very creative with my cheap thrift shop clothes and hand-me-downs,” the stylist shared in an interview. “I became obsessed with big earrings and heels because that was my way of being loud and expressive when I could barely speak the language,” she further explained. 

As Atena Crain became an adult and a professional, she decided to use her styling skills to make herself stand out and advance her career. According to the luminary, the personal style that she was going for was something that would make her look like someone who is in charge and trustworthy in everything that she does. “I want freedom in my life and control over my time,” she said. “Freedom, to me, meant creating my own business and really doing it in a way that makes me happy,” she left off.

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