Mindful and Fit Announces Kids Books Coming Out Nov. 11

Bodies of Water is the first release in a series of books that promotes mindfulness, self-acceptance and loving-kindness through nature characters. The motivation for creating this series is to help improve the relationships and lives of parents and children.

Mindful and Fit Coaching, founded by Tony and Amanda Johnson, is pleased to announce that a selection of kids books coming out on Nov. 11 is planned. According to Amanda and Tony, the motivation for the creation of this series is to assist in improving the lives and relationships of children and parents. The inventory of book titles currently includes Bodies of Water and The Magnificent Blue Butterfly.

Tony and Amanda Johnson explained, “In today’s modern society, too many youngsters are being raised by tablets and televisions. We want to offer these books as a meaningful way to promote quality time and intimate connection between children and their parents. Empower yourself with a family fitness community, strengthened through mindfulness, coaching, and nutrition. We encourage families to harness the power of functional fitness, mindfulness, and customized nutrition. The tips can add years to your life and life to your years.”

Additional details about the company and its offerings can be seen at https://www.mindfulandfit.io/

The kids book ‘Bodies of Water’ helps to reinforce the fundamental ideas of inclusivity and interconnectedness. In the same way as water, all are connected in all their unique differences. To recognize, celebrate, and strengthen such interconnections is necessary to create meaningful relationships and to live lives with purpose. 

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Mindful and Fit Coaching offers online and retreat-style support and informational resources for those interested in enhanced well-being. The website includes materials and links to fit the needs of adults, families and children for enhanced quality of life. The resources include books, podcasts, coaching and more.

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