Transforming Global Leadership and Mind Setting One Step at a Time

Khim Sok Heng motivates and changes people’s mindsets through coaching and mentoring.

Molding and empowering the new generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors is a huge task. It requires the expertise, wit, and skills to influence and move such strong-minded individuals. Such a man is Khim Sok Heng, a multi-dimensional and transformational leader from the KSH.

Khim Sok Heng is a human development and empowerment specialist. A respected motivational speaker and trainer, Heng is passionate about transforming global leadership and founded the LSI business school, a Cambodia-based private institute of higher education that focuses on molding entrepreneurs.

Heng has a vision for the globally competitive business–transform – the highest level of global value-based leadership and global mind-setting in the world. To turn this vision into a reality, he offers his expertise to inspire the new generation and hone their skills to further their careers and create a lasting positive impact in the world. His speaking engagements are to educate, entertain, and inspire individuals, while his coaching sessions target meaningful and memorable leadership development.

The soft skill trainer believes that influencing one’s character is key to developing an individual. “To plant a tree, take care of the roots. To develop people, nurture their character,” shared the inspirational coach. He uses his earned knowledge, tools, and skills to inspire people from all walks of life from the mentorship and training he received from world-renown experts. In return, he nurtures and develops young and fresh minds through his mentoring and coaching sessions. To date, he has trained more than 100,000 individuals from different national and international organizations, including government and non-government institutions. He worked with a telco company and provided online learning content for an application. He also shared his insights as an entrepreneur and investor during a recent real estate convention in Las Vegas.

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About KSH

KSH is led by Khim Sok Heng, a multi-dimensional and transformational leader, and a well-known motivational keynote speaker and trainer. He offers his expertise to various organizations and has spread inspirational messages throughout Cambodia, the United Kingdom, Germany, China, Japan, South Korea, Scotland, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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