The Increasing Demand for Qibla Watches – The Best Smart Watch For Muslims

The Increasing Demand for Qibla Watches - The Best Smart Watch For Muslims
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(Introducing highly functional smart watches and smart rings for Muslims. These are available with an in-built GPS system.)

People love smart watches. They are trendy, they are highly functional, and they look good whenever they are used. Qibla watches are garnering a lot of interest because this is a new type of smart watch that reminds the user about the prayer time no matter where they are. In spite of its so many useful features, the user can be assured that there will be no loss of personal data.

As per a recent survey, it was found that a significant number of people searched for devices that would help them with reminders about five times a day. Many people also searched for a device that would help them with Qibla direction. Unfortunately, there aren’t any reliable products that would help them with this. iQibla happily announces its range of smart watches for men that come with many interesting and useful features.

The Qibla Compass:

When people are not in a known space, they often find it difficult to find the right direction of Kaaba. This best smart ring makes things simpler as it comes with a built-in GPS system. Its accurate Qibla compass informs the user about the direction without much stress. Thus, men who need to travel a lot find this feature quite helpful and useful.

Reminders for Prayer Time

Nobody wants to miss the prayer time, and it’s especially upsetting when it happens. This special digital smart watch assures that the user never misses out on prayer time. The user might be traveling, in a meeting or amidst a busy schedule. The Qibla watch alerts the user about the prayer time. It displays the accurate prayer time as per the location and time zone. At the specific time, the user is alerted through a vibration.

Health and Fitness:

The Qibla watch also ensures that the user keeps track of his health. The watch helps the user to monitor their heart rate and, in case of any abnormality, the user is alerted immediately. This is particularly useful for those who are fitness freaks and love to workout.

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About iQibla:

iQibla is a website that offers some of the best muslim smart watches for men helping them with prayer time reminders and keeping a track of fitness and health.

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