World of Business, WOB, deals with the best Tiktokers in Lebanon

World of Business, WOB, deals with the best Tiktokers in Lebanon
World of Business, WOB, deals with the best Tiktokers in Lebanon
In no time, World of Business, the best digital marketing agency, was able to catch the eyes of many brands and companies from all over the world. Especially after dealing with the best Lebanese Tiktokers this Summer.

“World of Business” is one of the best and most leading Lebanese influencers marketing agencies. Managed by Abed fawaz (CEO), and Mohammad Ghamloush (CO), World of Business offers variety of social media and digital marketing services. Besides, WOB s also known for being house of production for influencers and bloggers offering full management services from A to Z. “World” of Business, from its title you can see to what extent this agency is an always giving one with no limits. Its a “World” of services, where you can get assistance from A-Z so that to achieve your target.

World of business is no longer as any simple social media and digital marketing agency working from behind the computers, world of business surpassed this concept of digital marketing agencies. World of Business today is working on the wider range than only playing from the office. This summer was completely different for WOB in comparison to years before in which Abed Alkarim Fawaz made some arrangements and trips for some social media influencers mainly TikTokers. WOB was the talk of the season after doing some eye catching arrangement with well-known Lebanese TikTokers like Elias Chahoud, Peter Koundakjian2, Ccalhafi, Leahh,, Francois Kamel, Ahmad Salamon, Ali Akhrass (poet), Bo3di, Qamar Altaey, theysfamily and Sahar Khalil.

The first visit for this with those influencers was to Qatar where the whole team made advertising visits to the most important and leading companies there. The second visit was to Emirates, UAE, which was a tour arranged by WOB to help TikTokers create content by visiting new locations in Gulf country. TikTokers who were part of the team conveyed everything throughout the trip on their social media platforms, from restaurants, to hotels and tourist areas they passed by there.

This huge campaign managed by WOB has caught the interest of many companies all over the Gulf who were really interested with such collaboration between one of the most leading digital marketing companies and well-known TikTokers.The next trip is going to take place on 20 October, 2022. Accordingly, Tiktokers are going to visit Qatar for the second time to make advertisement for World Cup 2022.

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