Abed Alkarim Fawaz, the youngest Lebanese entrepreneur

Abed Alkarim Fawaz, the youngest Lebanese entrepreneur
Abed Alkarim Fawaz, the youngest Lebanese entrepreneur
“Everything starts in a limited range, but its progress depends on how the individual works. You can dream little and stay the same place you are, or you can shoot for the stars so that even when you are lost you can land on the moon.” Abed Alkarim Fawaz. This is how the well-known entrepreneur Abed Alkarim Fawaz answered when he was asked about the reason behind the position he beholds right now.

One of the most common complaints of the people who bloom late and succeed in the later ages of their lives is that they didn’t dare enough to sell their ideas sooner. Ironically, one of the most common excuses among the youth is that they are not old enough to start their own business. It is never too early or late to become successful in your life. You can begin the journey to becoming an achiever at any age, and the youngest Lebanese entrepreneur Abed Alkarim Fawaz just prove this to everyone of us. Abed Alkarim Fawaz, this name won’t be surprise anymore for anyone even slightly familiar with the world of social media. Furthermore, when saying his name, World of Business immediately hits ones mind. Abed Alkarim Fawaz, one of the youngest and most successful entrepreneurs and the CEO founder of World of Business, shows the whole world that there are no limits and no obstacles that may hinder his way to success. Abed Alkarim Fawaz was a student business while he started working at age 13.

He graduated from Beirut Arab University in 2009 and started to follow his dreams. He opened his small business office, “World of Arts” which was initially based in Lebanon. Later on, Abed started to grow his business in and outside Lebanon. For now, he owns 3 branches outside Lebanon in each Abidjan, Ghana, Cyprus and Canada. Besided, Abed Alkarim Fawaz owns World of Decoration (with its two branches in Lebanon and Ghana) one of the most advanced companies specialized for all kinds of decorations. Recently, Abed is well-known for his digital marketing agency, “World of Business”.

World of Business is is a digital marketing agency specialized for celebrities’ social media management, besides it offers social media (Facebook, Instagram and snapchat ads) services, digital marketing services, website developing and payment gateways all over the Arab world. After all, hats off for such an outstanding, ambitious and hardworking person who was able to raise his name in such a country passing by harsh circumstances.

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