Mastercard announces new Web3 Debit Card with

Web3 startup, Just Wallet, recently confirmed their collaboration with Mastercard and Patriot Bank NA to launch the first ever! Available only for US Residents, this product will provide users instant liquidation of cryptocurrency onto spendable, digital USD debit cards for use in store and at online merchants with ApplePay and GooglePay.

This product is the first of its kind to connect crypto web3 wallets and fiat assets in real-time.

“We built the world’s first connection from web3 crypto to traditional banking systems,” says Ryan Johnson, CEO of Just Wallet. “Our team researched the best way to instantly exit crypto to fiat currency, and nothing provided quick asset transfers,” said Ryan. “So we built one, our new app generates a new debit Mastercard in seconds. It’s incredibly exciting. We’re just getting started.”

For a limited time, you can generate a new Mastercard debit card for $1 using the app, simply connect your web3 wallet and generate a Mastercard using your web3 crypto balances.

Hamilton Cheong, CTO of Just Wallet and certified crypto and blockchain investigator, spoke on the need for this type of product in the current market. “Up until this point, there was no way to get money instantly and spend it like fiat assets. It’s just stuck in digital wallets or on exchanges. This product solves that problem.”

These spendable USD debit cards run on the Mastercard payments network and can be used at millions of merchants.

Hamilton continued, “People need a way to spend crypto for day to day items. The only available options are crypto ATMs with extremely high fees or a bank transfer from an exchange, which takes days to process. With our Web3 Debit Card product, all you need is to connect your web3 wallet and you are ready to spend crypto, in seconds. With all other solutions in the market, customers are at risk of exchanges falling apart or freezing funds, our solution is different. The customer retains ownership of funds at all times, and that was important for us to maintain: Your crypto, Your Mastercard, Your Money.”

This is the newest product release for Just Wallet’s Modern Payment Network that includes global payments cheaper and faster than ever before.

Mastercard continues to lead the way in crypto-backed partnerships, having recently announced collaborations with crypto and blockchain payment company Just Wallet. JustWallet is a federally regulated money service business in Canada, and partnered with Mastercard for ultimate transaction speed and security throughout the United States.

Just Wallet’s Web3 Debit Card Program launches November 1st, 2022 on

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