Argentina exports more Technology services than it does Wine and Meat combined

Argentina is characterized by exporting more technology services than other items. Although it also does it with cuts of beef and its wines. However, one of the areas in which it has been most successful is technology. It is one of the sectors that is part of the export complexes with the greatest potential in the country.

Why success in exporting Technology Services?

The skilled workforce is one of the primary reasons for the success of technology services. Argentina, on the other hand, has a close timezone relationship with the United States and an excellent command of English. For this reason, companies like Techunting, and others have shown how they can cross borders.

Furthermore, 35% of the country’s population has completed tertiary and higher education. It is a point in favor of those who are preparing in the technological field; either with the ability to be entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs.

On the other hand, Argentine citizens like to contribute ideas, which is positive, for example, in the world of software. With this, it is possible to exchange professional points of view that add value to the technological proposals. It is one of the most valued aspects in the international arena.

Knowledge-based services

Knowledge-based services (KBS) are essential activities because they require professional staff. In Argentina, some related to:

• Architectural plans

• Film and video game production

• Marketing, communication and design services

• Computer software and services (SSI)

• Staff Augmentation and Recruiting Services

To do this, they have personnel with medium and high qualification levels, capable of generating ideas for a comprehensive economy.

Thanks to the SBCs, jobs are produced on a medium and large scale. They can promote the development of a country and for this reason, they are demanded in international terms. In addition, they have easily been exported thanks to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

The advantage of using these activities is that not only technology services related to software can be exported. They can also include other fields, such as health and education, finance, market intelligence, etc.

The value of SBCs in Argentina

According to data provided by Trading Economics, technology exports in Argentina reached 466,425,814 USD in 2021. These values build on World Bank development indicators.

This type of export is of high intensity and can be compared with other markets, such as aerospace or pharmaceuticals. That’s why Argentina represents part of the leadership of this sector in the region on a per capita basis. Even in this area, the country has shown positive results, unlike other service items.

We must point out that this industry depends on large companies. For this reason, hundreds of organizations are taken advantage of in the country together with entrepreneurs who have many employees. And while it is true that there is still a long way to go, Argentina is in positions close to Uruguay and Chile.

Internationalization of products and SBC

Argentina has been so successful with SBCs that in late 2021 it proposed a plan to promote these exports. It was done to further promote the development of this sector.

To achieve internationalization, they only identify and select companies with technological bases that can compete in foreign markets. It includes members of the National Science and Technology System.

The participating companies have the support of the Foreign Ministry for the correct internationalization. In this way, they can participate in fairs and exhibitions, trade missions, and more. All this to give a new impetus and achieve effective exports.

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